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Eunice Kathleen Waymon also known as Nina Simone, was born on the 21rst of March, 1933, in Tryon, North Carolina. At an early age of just three years Nina Simone got enthusiastic about music and started to master the piano. As years went by she practiced performing at her church and joined her church pendre. In school, her music teacher helped Simone with a exceptional fund to cover her education and once the lady graduates secondary school, the same fund was used to send her to New York’s famed Julliard School of Music to train with her singing and her piano skills. Whilst Simone was at Julliard, the girl taught piano to others and worked since an accompanist for other performers. The lady eventually needed to leave the school because she did not have sufficient funds. She then moved to her family in Philadelphia and elevated money to find yourself in a more cost-effective music plan. Simone then tried to enter the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, but she in that case was afterwards rejected. The lady claimed they were doing not besides her mainly because she was African American. The girl soon halted playing traditional music and starting enjoy jazz and blues in Atlantic Town clubs in the 1950’s. She soon got her level name “Nina Simone”. Nina was influenced from the The spanish language word “nina” and Simone got influenced from a spanish actress Simone Signoret.

In the late 1950’s, Simone began recording her own music and in the year of 1957, Simone announced her individual album. Through the late 50’s to the early on 70’s, Simone released many albums. Some records were The Amazing Nina Simone, Crazy is the blowing wind, or Nina Simone Sings Ellington! Her training in classical music helped a lot in her job. No matter what music she did you her classical schooling showed through with types such as gospel, pop, and folk. By many, she was called “High Priestess of Soul” she hated that name although. In her autobiography, the lady wrote that “If I had formed to be called something, it may have been a folk singer because there was more folks and doldrums then brighten I’m playing. By the mid-1960’s, Simone was a voice of the Civil Legal rights Movement. The lady wrote “Mississippi Goddam” because of the assassination of Medgar Evers and the Birmingham Church bombing. She also composed “Four Women” and “Young, Gifted and Black”. Throughout the 60’s, Simone made several hits in England with titles of “I Put a Spell upon You” “Ain’t Got No- I Got Life/Do What You Have to Do” and “To Like Somebody”.

Toward the final of the 60’s, Simone acquired tired of the American music scene and racial governmental policies. She relocated to multiple countries such as Switzerland, Liberia, England, Barbados and in the end rested in the south of France. Simone also was struggling with her mental into the her budget, she a new hard time with her managers, and record labels. Inside the 70’s Simone had to come out from recording but shortly came back in 1978 with her new recording called “Baltimore”. In the 80’s, Simone’s music called “My Baby Only Cares For Me” was played in Chanel No . a few Perfume Business. She were on the road during the 90’s with a solid fan base that filled concert halls. In 1999, Simone performed in Dublin with her daughter joining her in a few of songs. Simone came along in a Broadway performance known as “Aida”.

In her last couple of years, people reported that the lady was battling breast cancer. She died at the age of seventy on April 21rst, 2003, at her home in Carry-le-Rouet, France. Though she may be gone, her legacy will probably be remembered. Her amazing music and collections that touched people’s minds will be recalled. She sang her fact and encouraged many people.

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