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In order to into the future people see numerous things. Whether it is flying autos, buildings floating in the air, or perhaps people walking around in space suits, everyone has their own idea. Most of the time when folks look into the upcoming they look considerably into it, certainly not in the next several years. The future is often defined as 20 or more years beyond the modern day. Many videos and stories written about the near future world appear to have the common theme that technology may play a big part in the progress the future. The development of technology will lead to the advances that will take those world in to the next century and beyond. George Lucas film THX 1138 and Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future are both types of movies that portray technology and the developments of the future. THX 1138 and Back to the near future both show technology like a danger to society that may ultimately cause its problem.

George Lucas made THX 1138 well before he became famous in his later movies. He centered the film on his film that this individual used as his graduate project and thesis. It absolutely was his initially attempt at leading and creating a Hollywood film. His goal was to build a film that could show the upcoming state of the world if it was going to continue on it is path in the search for efficiency of everything. He shows the

upcoming as a place that many persons would probably not need to live or to be linked to.

Lucas shows that everyone would be the same. People will wear similar clothes and enjoying the same haircut. Names are no longer a part of society. In the movie each person has a prefix of albhabets followed by several. They are basically drones who follow instructions. Technology features advanced so far that every movement or actions of the person is watched. Anytime that one of them will something wrong that immediately shows up on the computer display as to what they are doing and what their number is definitely.

It is possible for the pc to keep an eye on all of their vital signs and mental activity. Each person is definitely carefully monitored and observed. The people happen to be told how to proceed and action based on how these people were trained. That they work in alterations of labor and are nearly extensions of the computer that tells all of them what to do. There is absolutely no more speculating about disease or what sort of person can be feeling. Almost everything is fed to a pc which processes the information and figures out how to handle it. Computers include begun to manage the lives of the persons and it is practically to the stage that they are working society all together. Computers are no longer devices that simplify lifestyle for individuals, humans are actually devices that help computer systems.

Science has evolved a medicine that keeps the folks submissive many with no thought of their own. The drugs take away the humans capacity to think also to be innovative. Ironically it had been those attributes that triggered the development of all that technology in the first place. Humans shall no longer be

in order to think for themselves. Instead of persons controlling the advancement technology, technology is now manipulating the development of those.

One of the best displays that explains to about the technology on this movie happens in the prison. The people who have broken the laws are sent to the that is absolutely white. Zero other color can be scene. They are put in machines and compelled to take the drugs plus the computer monitors them. Just through a number of test the complete body in the person may be checked so that is incorrect. The person is usually checked on like a machine. The computer then decides practical tips for the person. When folks are treated like equipment and not allowed any freedom of believed it is very hazardous to society as we know it. This could conveniently end culture through the release of people rights.

There are very few confident sides for this society. You cannot find any problem of human mistake in society. Computers help to make most of the decisions. There is almost no problem with criminal offenses or assault because all of the people are and so controlled and watched. While those two positive aspects may appear good to a few people, the society that was created is not. All the things in people that achieved it possible for technology to be created have been removed. There is no more creativity or perhaps individuality. Everybody is the same plus they have no method to be a person. There is no cardiovascular and no fun involved in your life any more. The society is no longer a society of people. It is a society of machines. Those have become the technology. The technology that the persons worked extremely hard to create and control, now controls these people.

Robert Zemeckis shows a much nicer and more comfortable future in Back to the Future. Technology remains to be very present, but the folks are still in control. Society is nearly the same place as it is today. The people nonetheless work and still have their very own personality and still make decisions for themselves. Nothing at all seems to have improved from the present except for a lot of advances in technology. Zemeckis chooses to pay attention to one aspect of technology which has been developed in this future period. That one main aspect is the development of the technology necessary for time visit happen.

Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) has developed a time equipment. It looks just like a DeLorean, but it really has been revised to allow it to go ahead6171 or into the past. Marty (Michael T. Fox) gets in the car to escape danger and ends up in a moment period before he was given birth to to the period when his parents had been his age group. He goes back and forgets about the advances that have been produced in technology among then plus the time in which he was living. He will keep remembering issues from the foreseeable future that are not in the time period by which he is trapped. Even his clothes signify changes which have occurred in technology in the number of years that segregated these two routines. Technology is actually evident in the way that points look and the way that things are operate.

Time travel is usually not a fresh concept of technology, but it is actually a new idea which is believed to have been created this brief distance ahead6171. The technology that was used to develop this machine was based on a good idea that got occurred towards the scientist lengthy in the past. Technology in this society has

allowed for the equipment to be created. The contemporary society as a whole has not changed from the present very much. Enough time machine seems to be the only big difference. It is terrifying to think that individuals could use this technology going throughout period. The only problem with it is it can be used to transform history. When Marty earnings from his trip, he realizes that he has created an alternate future. Technology quickly used to change the past and also the future. It has made it possible for people to control all the situations that have at any time happened inside the history of the earth.

Back to the Future presents a much nicer photo of the future than does Lucas in THX 1138. This shows that they have not improved very much. The thing that is frightening is that the future could be regularly changing, in case the technology of the time machine was made available to everyone. This would mean that there would be no set long term for the earth. Each person might try to replace the future to ensure that everything will benefit themselves. This would result in the sooner or later destruction of society and perhaps no long term at all.

George Lucas and Robert Zemeckis both show the future in their films. The near future however is extremely different involving the two movies. In THX 1138 most people are controlled by the technology that has created computers that may control points. In To the Future each individual person has got the option to control the future of the world. Both films give excessive power to a very important factor. Either Technology or the specific have excessive power to have society work smoothly. These two things would most likely result in the break down of

society as it is. A point must be reached someplace in the middle or there may not even be a future for people to dream about.

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