Nursing and patient final results identify one

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Nursing jobs and Sufferer Outcomes

Determine one area of nursing exploration that has superior patient final results. State the study and its influence on patient proper care. How have got these studies changed the nursing practice?

As the field of nursing research continues to expand, the potential for enhancing patient effects has increased exponentially, with advancements to effectiveness and methodological innovation merging to provide modern nurses with an array of positive aspects. One area of nursing research which has proven especially successful focuses on the emerging concept of Magnet hostipal wards, which are “distinguished by their skilled managers, decentralized decision making simply by direct caregivers, chief health professional executives who had been directly linked to top management decisions, versatile nurse arranging, investment in their employees #8230; and supporting continuing education from the nursing workforce” (Cheung et al., 2008). These Magnetic hospitals often thrive even during breastfeeding shortages, and by studying the methods employed by managers of these institutions, it is possible to boost the functionality of underperforming private hospitals. The findings presented within Nursing Treatment and Affected person Outcomes: International Evidence show that despite “well documented adverse outcomes in hospitalized patients, clinics continue to put into action restructuring and reengineering procedures in an effort to enhance efficiency and minimize costs” (Cheung et approach., 2008). These conclusions have got changed my personal approach to nursing jobs practice since I now identify the importance of utilizing my personal skills within the confines of a competently designed hospital management structure.

2 . ) What comparison can you determine between the nursing process and the research procedure? Explain your answer.

The standard methodology utilized by empirical analysts is strikingly similar to the overall nursing procedure, because the two involve the professional using a systematic approach to obtain a predetermined objective. The purpose of research is to identify a relevant phenomenon, to évidence an informed speculation regarding the nature of this happening, and to devise an test capable of objective testing the theory. The objective of the medical process is always to assess a patient’s symptoms and condition, to develop a knowledgeable diagnosis with regards to the nature of the patient’s health issues, and to apply various treatment methods intended to take full advantage of the patient’s comfort during recovery. Once one considers how “the theoretical basis from which the nursing process was made, together with the theoretical developments in diagnostic and intervention studies, has established the nursing process as a main factor of the nurse’s role in research, education and practice” (Mason Attree, 1997), it is clear that competency as being a nursing specialist can be significantly improved by developing effective research skills.

3. ) Nursing research is used to research a dilemma or a problem in nursing. Analyze a problem you have seen in nursing jobs. Why should this be studied? Rationalize your explanation.

One of the most prevalent problems I have personally observed while

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