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Nursing jobs Theories

Nursing jobs is a professional and an academics discipline and must be “studied in concert with all the disciplines that together from your health sciences” (Levine’s four conservation rules, 2012, Current Nursing).

To maintain homeostasis in the organism (Levine’s four conservation principles, 2012, Current Nursing).


King’s theory of goal achievement

Doctorate via Teacher’s school, Columbia University (Imogene King’s theory of goal achievement, 2012, Current Nursing).

“To help people maintain their very own health so they can function inside their roles” (Imogene King’s theory of objective attainment, 2012, Current Nursing).

Nursing is identified as a process of “action, response and interactionbetween nurse and client” (Imogene King’s theory of goal attainment, 2012, Current Nursing).

The purpose of nursing is the proper care of human beings (Imogene King’s theory of objective attainment, 2012, Current Nursing).


Watson’s theory of caring

PhD in medical from College or university of Colorado, 1973 (Jean Watson’s philosophy of nursing jobs, 2012, Current Nursing).

Nursing is a health-promoting process rather than curing procedure underlined by the principle of caring (Jean Watson’s viewpoint of medical, 2012, Current Nursing).

Nursing jobs is defined as “a human technology of folks and human being health-illness encounters that are mediated by specialist, personal, medical, esthetic and ethical individual transactions”(Jean Watson’s philosophy of nursing, 2012, Current Nursing).

Nursing is actually a scientifically-based sort of caring: that is certainly what makes nursing jobs unique and distinctive.


Abdellah’s theory of twenty one Nursing Challenges

Doctoral degree in nursing from Columbia University (Faye Glenn Abdellah’s theory, 2012, Current Nursing).

Nursing is problem-solving: nursing jobs is assembled into problem areas which has to be addressed throughout the nursing method (Faye Glenn Abdellah’s theory, 2012, Current Nursing).

Breastfeeding as a comprehensive science dedicated to “meeting needs, increasing or restoring self-help ability, or perhaps alleviating impairment” (Faye Glenn Abdellah’s theory, 2012, Current Nursing).

A patient-centered philosophy used to guide the care of the person (Faye Glenn Abdellah’s theory, 2012, Current Nursing).

Certainly, the theory which usually resonates with me the most may be the ‘least abstract’ of all of those grand ideas: King’s theory of objective attainment. King’s theory underlines what I have always found to get true: in every nursing condition, the doctor must set goals for the client, and for this kind of goal-setting to work, the aims must be mutually-agreed upon by patient and also the patient’s major care-giver. The flexibility which California king brings to her philosophy of nursing is very useful: the goals of your adolescent, for instance , will be very diverse from those of somebody who is elderly. An adolescent who also needs knees surgery to come back to a functional, healthful life playing soccer could possibly be recommended to get surgical procedure that an aged patient may not, depending on the health goals of such different persons at distinct stages of life. King’s theory has the widest applicability to various fields or perhaps practice.

Goal-setting is a shared exercise. The nurse does not have a ‘cookie cutter’ or pre-determined concept of the particular patient’s state of wellness should be, relying on a list of circumstances or qualities. King tensions that dialogue above all else is very important. “It is necessary to set overall health goals together with the patient, after which take steps to accomplish those goals. In hospital settings, while nurses, we certainly have proved that whenever the doctor and client communicate and work together toward mutually selected goals, the goals are more likely to be attained” (Key principles, 2013, Aim attainment theory). A nurse may want a patient to lose weight and to exercise, but unless the nurse and patient can agree upon a diet that is acceptable and pleasing

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