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Do pupils lose more than they gain in on the net writing classes?

Kiefer argues that the on-line educational structure for a producing class is usually inferior to the traditional class setting that is normally composed of a limited amount of students. In the traditional publishing classroom college students can be given the timely feedback that has been shown to be in a position to increase their composing capabilities. The online setting by comparison has inherent limitations which experts claim not allow for the quality and timeliness that is certainly needed to properly study publishing. Although Kiefer’s overall argument has valid points, there are two concerns that must be taken. These factors look at alternatives and the way forward for online education.

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The first is not all college students are able to require a class personally due to job or a personal situation. Consequently , while not best, an online course can still become a worthwhile endeavor with no better alternatives for a few. For example , if someone would not have the time or ability to travel to a traditional classroom to learn about composing, then the on the web format could be their only option to follow their education. If you assume that an education on paper has benefit and there are not any other better alternatives obtainable, then on-line writing may still signify a scholar’s best option whether or not it is not the ideal one to a lot of critiques.

One more consideration would be that the technical capabilities of on the web learning happen to be advancing swiftly. Whereas these types of capabilities in which once a restriction, more advanced technical progress in these areas can actually conquer the limitations and make the on the net learning program an asset. Kiefer writes “But students’ preconceptions of their functions in on the net courses plus the limitations of technology incorporate to job against significant interactions in online classes” (Kiefer, s. 151). However , the point that is made would not fully be the cause of the speed at which these restrictions are dissolving. New solutions can now provide many of the same benefits which might be found in face-to-face situations. For instance , there are on the net platforms that offer video and voice communicating, a shared desktop, and a range of numerous collaboration tools which can conquer many of the restrictions found in previous generations of online classrooms.


It will be difficult to dispute against the position that an online college degrees will never be calm as good as a regular face-to-face classroom. However , the question becomes what degree

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