Pakistan state petrol essay

Because according to BCG MATRIX are all those compounds that have high progress rate and big share in the market so here regarding Pakistan State Oil CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is included in superstars because the CNG of PSO is very real and the pressure of CNG on the gas pumps is incredibly high although whereas the CNG of other gas pumps is not very genuine. The CNG of additional petrol pumping systems also contain small amount of surroundings and the pressure of CNG on various other petrol sends is comparatively low therefore the sale of CNG of PSO is increasing day by day therefore it has a excessive growth level and big talk about in the market.

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According to BCG matrix cash cows are individuals products that have low development rate and high market share so in this instance furnace petrol and fuels of PSO are contained in cash cows because because there is a serious shortage of electric power in Pakistan therefore power companies are requesting the PSO to increase the supply of heater oil to power plants but these firms don’t have the amount of money to shell out PSO that is due to the prices of furnace essential oil are very excessive therefore these firms cannot afford choice PSO is usually not raising the supply to companies.

In case of plane fuels, PIA and PAF mostly receive Furnace oil from PSO but now PIA have now limited air aeroplanes and most of the planes of PIA have completed their very own lives and also due to economical crises and financial deficits PIA is definitely not buying more atmosphere planes and in addition in the case of PAF there is no so much requirement of fly fuel therefore it is concluded that the two furnace petrol and jet fuels possess although big market share nevertheless there are very less chances of their expansion.

As according to BCG matrix question marks happen to be those items which have high growth rate but tiny share available in the market so the gasoline and HSD of PSO are a part of it because although PSO is a great oil market leader in Pakistan however in case of petrol and HSD additionally there is a great require of others like TOTAL, CALTEX, COVER. And also the quality of gasoline of these businesses is very very good therefore in this instance there is a competition between PSO, CALTEX, COVER and TOTAL.

According to BCG matrix dogs are those items which have the two low business and low growth price therefore at this point in the present lubes of PSO are incorporated into it. At first there was an excellent demand of lubricants of PSO but now there is a great demand of lubricants of Shell and it is even in the public sector as well as personal sector.


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