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The leadership style through which the organizational management integrates employees members in the decision making procedure reveals two main rewards. First of all, it stimulates the motivation with the employees, who have feel like essential and respected organizational resources. This feeling is improved by the managerial desire to pay attention to the opinions of the subalterns. As a result, higher numbers of employee pleasure materialized in higher levels of employee performances, operational production and profitability, and also improved levels of worker loyalty for the employer, which materializes in lowered costs with yield. Secondly, the company benefits from the vast competence of the employees. As it is previously recognized, employees members aren’t valued exclusively for their ability to operate machineries, but typically they are respected for their intellectual capital. This intellectual capital – once put to very good use – can generate organizational worth. Capitalizing on the ability and knowledge of the staff by integrating them in decision making processes is indeed a good example of intellectual capital put to great use.

Marsha Brown executed a complex leadership style. She did not straight allow her subalterns to be involved in the decision making process, nevertheless she did make her individual decisions based upon employee requirements. She 1st identified the value of a solid organizational tradition to worth the employees then implemented applications to support their very own professional advancement. All in all, she implemented the guidelines of life changing leadership and as such managed to support organizational alter.

Once the decision is made, it is crucial for the managerial staff to follow through. If they fail to do so, the organizational problems will simply deepen. Brown stuck by simply her decision and integrated several ideal courses of actions to reach the pre-established goals. For instance, she:

Made advancement opportunities available to all staff

Enhanced communications with the parent company

Backed training outside of the facility

Created and executed new evaluation schemes based on rewards

Empowered the employees.

Each time a leader basics his/her decisions on the stands of the subalterns, the anticipated outcome is higher levels of employee well-being, and consequently, company performances. In the specific case of the Metro Bank, the particular gains materialized in the creation of a special character for the bank office, improved spirits and satisfaction among the personnel. “The new spirit transported over to the treatment of customers, and together with the increased competence provided by cross-training, this resulted in more quickly and better service to customers” (Metro Financial institution Case).


Metro Bank Case, in Chapter 9: Charismatic and Transformational Management

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