Phase 4 platter tectonics article

Chapter 5 plate tectonics

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1 . What evidence demonstrated that South usa, Africa, India, and Sydney were when covered by glaciers? glacial debris and ordinary surfaces scarred by snow

2 . What goes on when an oceanic plate converges with a ls plate? The denser oceanic plate slides under the less dense continental plate.

3. A divergent boundary is known as a boundary among two discs that __________. Move from each other.

5. Do two colliding continental plates constantly cause volcanoes? Two colliding continental china do not constantly cause volcanoes

5. What clue backed the continental drift theory?

The puzzlelike match of all the prude fossils of Mesosaurus, and similar mountain structures upon different continents support the continental wander theory.

6th. What is home plate tectonic theory?

the belief that Earth’s crust and uppr mantle can be broken into sections

7. What are strike-slip faults?

Strike-slip faults occur in which rocks about opposite attributes of the fault move in reverse or the same directions for different rates.

8. Why was the finding of no rocks more aged than 2 billion dollars years old on the ocean flooring so important? The discovery of no dirt older that 2 billion years old around the ocean floors proved the theory of seafloor spreading.

on the lookout for. How do researchers explain the organization of underwater mountain varies?

Researchers believe seafloor spreading points out the formation of underwater pile ranges.

10. How do researchers use audio waves to figure out the shape of the ocean floor? Scientists use sound dunes to figure out the form of the ocean floor since sound dunes echo off of the ocean floors ” the longer it will require a appear wave to return to the deliver, the much deeper the water is.

11. How could crust disappear at the edge of a boundary?

Crust may disappear at the edge of a boundary when fresh crust is being added to the other edge of the border.

12. Precisely what is the difference between normal flaws and rift valleys? The between usual faults and rift valleys is that rift valleys are formed by normal errors.

13. Who first recommended the theory of continental go?

Alfred Wegener first proposed the theory of continental drift.

14. What is a permanent magnet field reversal?

a magnetic field reversal is usually when Globe’s magnetic discipline leaves the north rod and gets into the southern region pole

15. What do researchers believe is the force at the rear of the plate tectonics theory? Scientists believe the force in back of the plate tectonics theory is definitely convection currents.

16. What is a transform boundary?

A transform border is the moment two china slide past one another, often forming wrong doing lines.

seventeen. How does the Mesosaurus fossil evidence support the ls drift theory? The Mesosaurus fossil facts supports the continental go theory since its unlikely that the Mesosaurus could go swimming between regions. 18. What is the lithosphere?

The lithosphere consists of the plates that comprise the crust and the uppr part of the mantle

19. What tool will do a scientist value to detect permanent magnet fields? Scientists use a magnetometer to discover magnetic domains.

20. What happens to rock around a subducting piece?

Rock around a subducting slab goes under the different plate.


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