Plastic pink flamingo essay

In “The Plastic material Pink Flamingo: A Natural Record. ” author Jennifer Value explains the lifeless parrot symbolizes Us citizens are lead on by media and definitely will purchase just about anything to prove their wealthiness.

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In Price’s view the Us is used with flashy displays of wealth. People in america will partake in anything that is usually bold or perhaps bright. Inside the first half the essay, the writer discusses the truth that the new popular item on the market is known as a plastic flamingo, which presents “wealth and pizzazz.

” Price’s blunt sentence in your essay “But not any matter”, following explaining that flamingos have been hunted to extinction in Florida displays, in reality, the girl with ashamed and angered by this fact, which will represents how our outdated, poor contemporary society has passed away. Even worse the girl explains how businesses prevailed off of providing flamingo goods or identifying businesses after flamingos. Flamingos “stand out” in your lawn which will shows “extravagance and “boldness” in analogizing for the generation brought up in the Depression.

Persons spent cash on a pointless plastic bird – a foolish actions non-e might have thought to do before this kind of. Jennifer Selling price use of these kinds of emphatic phrases let visitors imagine strong or rather strong nature or perhaps American lifestyle.

The 1955s was definitely a time of change for several Americans. These folks had defeat a great hardship and were ready for a fresh start. Jennifer Price corelates in her essay that American tradition was very secure and strong at the time. Selling price makes People in america of the 1954s seem careless Price continues this effect by additional explaining Americans’ obsession with all the color lilac, describing their particular sense of fashion has grown bolder and obvious. Americans “brighten” things to make them attractive and to help make it profits. Value gives types of household items that come in almost all shades of red, including Elvis Presley’s green Cadillac.

The author begins the final paragraph with yet another cynical remark, by asking “Why, after all, phone the parrots pink flamingos as if they may be blue or green? ” because this assertion was toward the end of the essay a lot of may think that Price is producing a final statement. She helps her thought by further explaining the color of the plastic flamingo was not even accurate to that from the real flamingos. Price, it can be assumed, dislikes society happy-go-lucky attitude shown through just how Americans have not respected the flamingo, as Egyptians, early on Christians, People in mexico, and Carribbean people would. Perhaps do not think of the pink flamingo today if the word “wealth” pops in mind, but the need to show is still with us. It can be the cell phones flashed by simply every teenager or even the designer clothes worn by 1. Jennifer Selling price has belittled American’s lifestyle and perception. Regardless, Value explains just how she sights today’s contemporary society through the example of the pink plastic flamingo.


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