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The subject of Identity and personality are the primary themes in the poems, Identity by Julio Nabob Especially and The Road Not Used by Robert Ice. Identity is usually an accurately titled poem about appearance and independence. The poet person compares a flower to a weed by simply saying that its better to consider risks and be yourself instead of being grounded to the floor and trapped in the same place since everyone else. It truly is written within a strong and defiant strengthen, especially in the lines Let them be as plants and Identification rather, the poet appears to be very confident in his statement and truly believes in that.

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The poem is an extended metaphor and uses meaning and personification to rouse,stimulate the words. The poet offers to him self as a high, ugly pot amongst blossoms. He uses the pot to represent his desire to stand tall and free rather than be caught up In a weed. The bud and the floral are presented with the same hurdles, but the bloom Is relaxing treatments and cherished and looked after. The poet declares that he would usually prefer to always be the bud, which is free and 3rd party, over the blossom that is amazing and appreciated but can be someones house.

The poet also alludes to his distrust of men and women in general inside the lines exactly where theyre praised, handled, and plucked by greedy, human being hands. The trail Not Taken is a popular poem, well-known for its existential theme. It is about the choices we make in life and just how they affect us later on. The reader can simply empathic while using poet, who also must choose from two roads without having any kind of knowledge of where either will lead.

The poet courageously selects the road less visited by in the safe route others have got chosen. That represents his preference to create his individual way about In the world. The Road Not Considered uses images Two tracks diverged Within a yellow wood and In leaves no stage had trodden black to create usual In the readers brain. The line Because It was grassy and desired wear Is definitely an example of personification as it brought the road alive in looking for use. The poet understands that his choice of path will determine his your life.

But the challenging part about the nature of the future is that the audio wont understand how his decision will change his life until it has already changed. The loudspeaker thinks of his shed opportunities while his decision takes him into one future and leaves another lurking behind. Both poems discussed over used metaphor and representation to present the respective poets views on style. Identity is definitely bolder and more advising with the two, the poet can be confident that the life with the weed Is more rewarding compared to the life with the potted flower. The Road Not Taken Is far more timid and explanatory than advisory. It has great metaphors for stepping out of ones safe place. Both poetry agree that a person cannot have confidence in anything In the event he are unable to believe In himself first. Their message, relatively vague below their a large number of layers, Is actually to catch the day and enjoy life no matter how unconventional. Poems Synthesis Composition By Camille their own person. The former typically succeed in their particular desire to fit into and become element and in the end has a better grasp with their identity.

The main topic of identity and individuality are the main themes of the poems, Identity by Julio Reicher mann Poland as well as the Road Certainly not Taken by Robert Frost. Id is a great accurately entitled poem about represent his desire to stand tall and free rather than be caught in a container. The weed and the flower are offered the same hurdles, but the flower is pampered make his own method around on the globe. The Road Not Taken uses imagery Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and In leaves not any step acquired trodden black to create usual in the viewers mind.

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