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Truth be told there is no uniform consensus about what agencies possess authority in the Middle East. The Dubai law enforcement are working with agencies such as Department of Homeland Security to establish a far more democratic policing system. Inspite of their best work however , there still exist many groups within the Middle East that take up radical ways to policing. Its not all agency agrees on homogeneous democracy, and some still prefer an severe approach to policing (Exum, 2006, p. 1). This can and often does bring about greater physical violence within the region, with in many cases people living within the parts of the Middle East still missing freedom of expression and living in anxiety about violent punishment for any offences committed.

While Exum (2006) noted in the overview of policing in the Middle East, a tour bus driver was at one stage withdrawn via his vehicle and beaten as well as sodomized as a form of punishment. Clearly most agencies including the UN would consider such actions brutalization and acts of terror instead of “policing. ” Unfortunately various agencies in the Middle East have not yet adopted regular definitions of what comprises appropriate policing. The most tough obstacle facing Middle East policing companies is deciding how to decrease the often significant reactions of groups that will prefer to respond in revolutionary and severe ways. Evidently in this environment one may conclude it a lot more difficult to take care of the “peace” as than it would be within the U. K.


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