Policy Issue and the Three Branches of Government Essay

In a news article authored by Deborah Hastings entitled Carded at forms: No image ID, zero vote, it was shown how the 3 branches in the government functions, which are the professional, legislative, and judiciary, about aspects of rules for the region. The situation elaborated on the news article was about the voter’s ID greeting card.

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It hard pressed problems for folks living in particular states, among which is Indiana, who prohibits people wit no voter’s ID credit card to vote (Hastings, 2007). The requirements intended for the file to be provided are a) voter’s photo; b) the voter’s identity which should be like the name mentioned on the voter’s registration record; and c) a current expiry date (Hastings, 2007). Yet , a considerable number of persons in Indiana do not have these kinds of requirements and they are, thus, ineligible to political election (Hastings, 2007).

In the news, it has been shown that it is the legislative branch of the us government who takes the task of formulating the laws. The legislative department is responsible for creating and suggesting laws with all the aim of producing a better culture for all. The other branch, the executive, provides the responsibility of implementing the laws and policies.

They have the divieto power which provides the professional branch to be able to make tips and adjustments on the law proposed by congress. In addition to this, the business branch offers quasi-legislative power, such that, as needed and with particular conditions, it might formulate policies without having to go through the normal process of the legislative branch. Included here are management and professional orders. The next branch, the judicial department, serves as the and harmony for the legislative and the executive part. The judiciary ensures that the acts of some other two twigs are inside the framework of the Constitution.

It is hard in conclusion that they have similar roles, nor is it fair to say that they do not posses equal jobs. This is for the reason that all their responsibilities happen to be practically unlike one another. Anybody can not simply consider that 3 persons do equal jobs when the natre of their tasks and responsibilities are different. Nevertheless , it can be said that they are equal in terms of the exact level and that no branch of the federal government is a subordinate of the other.

This can be clearly stated in the Constitution (Baker, 2007). It is very important to make note of, after having discussed the roles from the three twigs of the authorities, that they contribute to the functioning of the society as well as the country. Recommendations

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