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Mass Incarceration

In regards to mass incarceration Godfrey Hodgson asserts that incarceration is the top it’s been and is also highly racialized. We are among the highest countries in the world to get mass incarceration. This assertion is supported by the following election in which we can see that incarceration rates include increased across the board and have practically quadrupled to get the black community, which has consistently recently been incarcerated in higher costs than all the other groups. From this particular poll, it doesn’t manage to show this kind of in relation to human population sizes. They actually however demonstrate difference in incarceration between men and women, something which I no longer recall Hodgson doing.

“Black males were more than six times as most likely as white men completely to be incarcerated in federal and condition prisons, and local jails” (Pew)

While the subsequent poll seems to show a spotlight on Asian male incarceration, it reveals results pertaining to multiple masse including White colored, Black, and Hispanic, both native-born and foreign-born. The chart shows that the dark-colored population increased to on the lookout for. 2% of the male populace incarcerated in 2000, from 4. 4% in 1970, but it also shows this decreasing between 2000 and 2007 to six. 9%, still significantly above in 1970 many twice as substantial as other percentages of some other populations. The Hispanic inhabitants (both native-born and foreign-born) has increased to 3% in 2007 from 1 . 5% in 1970. In addition , the light population has remained within a margin of. 5% from 70 to 3 years ago, the highest being 1 . five per cent in 2000. This also supports Hodgson’s claim that incarcerations are high and racialized.

This kind of poll introduces some other factors that influence incarceration rates: education and age. It truly is apparent that those men without having high school degree, white and black, are more likely to become incarcerated, though it can be interesting and significant that white males with no diploma or degree are less very likely than even black men with a senior high school diploma. The most shocking within this graph may be the significant difference between dark men with and without high school diplomas. The best rate is apparently among all those aged 20-34 ’80s-early 2000’s with no high school graduation diploma. This kind of poll supports Hodgson’s claim, but delves deeply in to issues of age and the disparity of men with and without diplomas.

I found this kind of poll interesting. One of the related issues to mass incarceration is the right way to sentence non-violent crimes, that we think I recall Hodgson touching on incredibly briefly. There is certainly debate approach treat medicine crimes. Can we rehabilitate those using medications and address it as a curable disease, or perhaps do we address it as a crime and put people behind bars? This poll shows that 52% of folks think that we have to treat it like a disease, 35% believe we have to continue treating it as being a crime. This will likely tie in towards the following election that I will certainly consider. This neither supports nor negates Hodgson’s state, but provides more information upon what people think could be a likely solution to mass incarceration. What we should will see within the next poll is the may not generate as huge of a big difference as much of America thinks.

“How to treat Drug problems”

The next 3 polls (all from Vox) outline what the American persons want, which will according to German Lopez is not what would alleviate the mass incarceration problem we now have in the U. S. To start with, over half of all voters believe that drug offenses make up nearly half of all criminals, which is false. So , while many people are in support of lesser jail sentencing pertaining to non-violent offences, as demonstrated in the second Vox vote below, this may affect a compact margin of inmates than we might expect. At the same time, nevertheless , it is noticeable in the last election shown right here that majority of Americans are at odds of the notion that violent offenders (who include a small chance of reoffending) will get lighter sentencing. Again, this kind of neither supports or opposes Hodgson’s declare that mass incarceration is large and racialized, but it does show that what Americans perceive as the reason for the problem is incorrect, and therefore the solution is definitely not as straightforward as recently thought.

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