Pre analysis with the coca diet coke company naics

Coca Soda, Addiction, Porters Five Forces, Drink

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Pre-Analysis of the Coca Cola Company


A good resource to find an industry’s North American Market Classification Program (NAICS) code is the NAICS association website

Porter’s five causes

Supplier electric power

Two solutions to look at provider power happen to be: To this day, Pepsi still imports coca leaves which are used to manufacture crack in the United States, available at; and SugarOnline. com, The initially resource covers how Coca-Cola is the just company that is certainly legally allowed to import cocaína leaves and manufacture crack in the United States. The 2nd resource gives information about the worldwide availability of sugars. Because the coca leaves are the product that cannot be replaced with corn viscous, thick treacle, the 1st article much more helpful.

Client Power

Two sites which can help explain buyer power are: In Coke- Pepsi rivalry, both sides get accessible by:, and Coca Cola’s own details page named Our company, accessible at: / ourcompany/index. html; Both equally sites offer information about the range of customers, which help explain the power of individual purchasers. The second site is slightly more helpful since it focuses on Coca Cola consumers.

Competitive competition

Two sites that can help describe competitive competition are: In Coke- Soft drink rivalry, both equally sides win attainable at:, and Coca Cola’s individual information page titled The company, accessible in: as well as ourcompany/index. html code. The initial site clarifies how the rivalry between the big cola firms actually helps drive business for both equally companies.

Threat of substitution

In order to identify whether various other products can be substituted pertaining to soft drinks, it is vital to understand why people tend to drink soft drinks. Two resources that can help are: Caffeine: Exactly what are the effects of caffeine, accessible in:; and Diet soda addiction? Getting off the can easily, accessible by:

Risk of new access

To understand the threat of recent entry one particular must understand the cola sector. Two sites that help explain the cola sector are In Coke- Soft drink rivalry, both equally sides win, accessible at; and Softdrink and Soft drink, accessible for Coke_Pepsi2. pdf. The other site basically gives a 5 forces examination, explaining the threat of recent entry, it is therefore a better source.

PEST Research


Two resources to examine Coca Cola’s economic factors are: Cola and Pepsi, accessible by Coke_Pepsi2. pdf; and Water and development, accessible at The second internet site is a better resource as it not only talks about potential politics problems but also how those have impacted Coca Cola’s organization in the past.


Two sites that take a look at Coke’s economical health happen to be: In Coke- Pepsi rivalry, both sides get accessible in:, and Coca Cola’s own data

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