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The Treaty of Versailles, which will ended the First World War and which Wilson played the part in negotiating, was never ratified by the U. S. Congress and, consequently, the United States never became a member of the League of Nations.

Wilson’s habit in a reaction to opposition in Congress regarding the Versailles Treaty, in general, as well as the League of countries portion of that Treaty, especially, may be the best indication from the similarities among himself and President Scholarhip. Both males had a solid stubborn streak that often interupted with their or else competent leadership skills. In Grant’s circumstance, his obduracy, pigheadedness was seen as his misguided loyalty to his good friends and army associates. During his two administrations, Scholarhip continued to surround him self with his friends and past military affiliates and place these kinds of individuals in positions of authority instead of utilizing the services of talented and experienced political figures. The result was that his romantic relationship with Congress suffered great administrations were fraught with numerous and, seemingly, unlimited scandals. Because he refused to listen to his politics advisors, Grant’s two terms of business office are looked upon by most historical specialists as being mainly ineffective.

Wilson’s stubbornness demonstrated itself throughout his period in office but before the end of his second term never was the source of any particular political detriment, however , his stance on the League of Nations tainted a Presidency that otherwise was considered effective. Through the majority of his eight years in office Wilson had efficiently led the country and, despite being unsuccessful in keeping the country from the First Globe War, was viewed positively by the open public. The battle of the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles and the Little league of Nations, nevertheless , proved to be the political undoing of Pat and, in the end, it proved to be his physical undoing as well. Wilson worked as hard at seeking to convince the American public as to the merits of the Group of Nations when he had in convincing the people all over the world of its merits but also in his efforts to do so Wilson lost his political and physical viability. Worn down, Wilson suffered a severe stroke in March of 1919 and put in the last year in office handicapped from its results.

In individuality, Wilson and Grant had been remarkably several individuals. Offer, although a graduate of West Level, was never considered to be an especially cerebral person. Prone to drinking heavily, Scholarhip was unkempt and plebeyo in terms of his interactions with others. Pat, on the other hand, was one of the place’s most knowledgeable Presidents and always the proper gentleman. Yet, the two men were able to reach the country’s highest office and effectively complete two terms of office and lead their very own country through turbulent times.

History have been much gentler to Wilson than it is often to Scholarhip. Although Wilson’s administration finished on a sour note, his efforts by encouraging the country’s contribution in the Little league of Nations has earned him respect as well as the fact that america later led the drive for the organization of the United Nations serves as an endorsement of Wilson’s position. Grant’s popularity as a President, unfortunately, is constantly on the suffer (Wilentz, 2010). Hindsight has done small to eliminate how unproductive Grant was as a politics leader. His ineffectiveness led to many of the subsequent problems that created in the profound South and contributed to the consequence of the Anxiety of 1873.

Strangely, equally men left office under a cloud but one has turn into to be viewed as one of the country’s best Presidents while the additional is considered among its most severe. Therein, equally represent just how precarious the winds of recognition are and just how popularity so seldom symbolizes effectiveness.


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