Principles of marketing in apple iwatch swot

Apple, Target Audience, Value Chain, Marketing Examination

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Excerpt from SWOT:

Apple iWatch (New Merchandise Launch)

Merchandise / Service

Target Market

Apple iWatch (New Product Launch)

Apple iWatch (New Merchandise Launch)

Advertising Channels

Apple Inc. uses both equally direct and indirect promoting channels due to the product offerings including the Apple iWatch. The business uses three different immediate marketing stations one of which is the Apple Online Store in which the channels take the form of: Manufacturer – Customer. The second direct channel can be using the distinct Apple Stores where only Apple Items are sold straight to the consumer, which in turn also usually takes the similar form of Developer -Consumer. The third direct advertising channels requires the form of strategic funnel alliances in which Apple items are sold within a store in a store. The Apple employees sell Apple products within a retail store within Comp UNITED STATES. This advertising channel will take the form of: Producer-Retailer-Consumer (Mohr et ing., 2010).

The indirect promoting channels consider the wholesalers and retailers while marketing programs Producer-Wholesaler-Retailer-Consumer. In this instance, the flower nurseries and the retailer is the link between the producer plus the consumer. The indirect product sales uses on the net sales or catalog revenue Producer-Retailer-Consumer. (Mohr et ing., 2010). The product offering much more service prominent taking into account the several services offered by the iWatch.

2 . Relating to Boone and Kurtz (2010), distribution decisions include distribution depth. This considers the number of intermediaries or retail outlets through which a manufacturer or producer distributes its products and goods. The Apple iWatch, has unique distribution since the product will go hand-in-hand while using iPhone. Apple. and ATT have entered into an agreement that only the detailed companies should provide cell phones to the consumers. This type of division may change the target market. This is to target the young buyers who experiment with different cellular networks and to reach to target audience it truly is imperative to incorporate other mobile networks. At the launch of iWatch the distribution was restricted to limited consumers

a few. Value Sequence

All parties in the value chain bring value to the consumer. The three main parties inside the value chain are manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. The producer gives value towards the consumer by manufacturing the products in accordance with the needs and preferences in the consumer. Bulk suppliers act as the distribution link between the producer and merchant to enable the consumers to obtain the product offerings (Prazibat and Brajevic, 2009). On the other hand, stores have

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