Progressive Movement Essay

These market leaders from middle class pleaded for federal government regulation of big businesses in order to avoid exploitations pf the weaker sections. Stressing on the requires for reforms, Theodore Roosevelt said, “”No hard-and-fast rule can be placed down regarding the way in which such work [reform] must be done; although most certainly every man, what ever his situation, should try to do it in some manner and to some extent. ” (Roosevelt) Most of the problems that Progressives planned to tackle was an result of the industrial expansion and the political-industrial cabale of the Gilded Age.

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During the Progressive nearly every department of yankee life was overhauled and modernized. Hence Progressivism was obviously a movement with “predominantly middle class aims and point of view, deriving much of its support from tiny businessmen, farmers and professional people. ” ( Parkes, p. 544) At the federal government level, the Progressive activity set in with the inauguration of the President Roosevelt curtailed the powers of the large organizations was epitomized through the selection against The Northern Securities Firm in 1903. This individual introduced other legislative actions to breakdown the monopoly of the significant corporations.

Trust-Busting was the initial radical step taken by Roosevelt that was aimed at the breaking of monopolies in just about any form and its particular abuses. Second major advocatte for Progressivism with the Federal level was Director William Howard Taft (1909-1913) who completed more progressive legislation than the Roosevelt. He introduced and enacted law to check damaged practices through the elections. Progressives could not bring about the revolutionary transformation of the political and marketplace. The evident disappointment in the Progressive movements was the disinclination to deal with racial elegance.

Although it a new national agenda but it was meant for Whites only. The Afro-American suffered with the victimization at the interpersonal and point out level through disfranchisement, Sean Crow laws, and lower income. � In addition , it failed to address the questions of sophistication conflict and ended in lose hope for little owners and businessmen. Nevins, Allan& Commager, Henry S i9000.

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