Prostitution Case Study Essay

You will discover too many women and girls who are lured to prostitution. Men and boys are usually being exposed to get sexual uses. In the 1998 study by the International Labor Organization (ILO), it was believed that there was at least 400, 1000 to 500, 000 prostituted persons in the Philippines with an estimated 60, 000 to 100, 000 children.

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In 2004, the amount of those exploited in prostitution alone come to 600, 1000 and this ballooned to 800, 500 in 2005. In a 2009 study, there was around 800, 000 prostituted persons in the Philippines; half of them are children. Annually, roughly 3, 266 children are forced into prostitution. The Thailand ranks fourth among the nations around the world with the most number of kids in prostitution as unveiled in a research of UNICEF.

Prostitution may possibly now be the country’s next largest source of GNP based on the study by Psychological Stress Program with the University of the Philippines. 2 Prostitution thrives because of sexuality inequality and lack of esteem for women’s human privileges clearly manifested on the misconception that women will be inferior, intimate objects and commodities while men are superior, decision-makers and owners of houses. The system likewise thrives as a result of complex socio-cultural and economic factors poverty, under-education, unemployment and economic variation and electric power relations, making it easier for those who have more income and power to exploit weaker people and lead these people into prostitution and the love-making trade.

Ladies do not make a rational choice in coming into prostitution; they will settle while using limited available options to all of them bearing circumstances of inequality that are collection by the clients who spend women to do what they want those to do. Sooner or later, State policies which are male or female blind for the issue of prostitution can even result in diminishing Filipino women’s bodily honesty to love-making tourists, foreign and local, armed service and big organization. Our contemporary society has made prostitution hidden in plain sight even though it is everywhere, we tend to overlook and do not provide priority to addressing it. Article 202 of the RPC as amended by 3rd there’s r. A. 101583 provides: Article 202.

Prostitutes; Penalty. For the purposes of the article, women who, for cash or earnings, habitually take pleasure in sexual intercourse or perhaps lascivious perform, are considered to be prostitutes. Any person identified guilty of some of the offenses have this article will be punished simply by arrestomenor or possibly a fine not really 200 pesos, and in circumstance of recidivism, by detain mayor in the medium period to penitentiary correctional in its minimum period or a excellent ranging from 200 to 2, 000 pesos, or equally, in the acumen of the court docket. [emphasis added]. Notably, these provision focuses law enforcement and legal sanctions exclusively in prostituted ladies.

This is clearly an avilissement to women as it continues to criminalize prostituted women, whilst letting absolutely free themes and the pimps go untouched. SALIGAN, in its mission for the empowerment of women throughout the, joins several women’s teams in their clamor for national legislations that could fully identify women’s rights and male or female equality. To this end, SALIGAN supports and necessitates the passageway of the Reproductive Health Invoice and the Anti-Prostitution Bill.

Article 2 in the Universal Statement of Human Rights provides that: Everyone is entitled to each of the rights and freedoms collection forth without distinction of any kind, including race, shade, sex, terminology, religion, personal or additional opinion, national or sociable origin, home, birth or perhaps other status. It identified gender equality as one of the standard tenets of humanity. Additionally, the Korea is also a signatory towards the the Elimination of Splendour against Girls, the extremely important international human rights tool espousing the promotion, security and satisfaction of women’s rights.

While signatory to CEDAW, the Philippines is duty bound to give life for the provisions of the Convention with a few into its legal system laws and regulations that understand gender equal rights, define along with prohibit gender discrimination and put forth a national plan that would end all varieties of discrimination against women in the society. Twenty-six years following the ratification for the Convention, the Philippine Federal government has been remiss in complying with its Condition obligations under the Convention. Furthermore, the 1987 Constitution identifies the position women in nation-building and ensures fundamental equality ahead of the law among men and women.

As a state coverage, it is therefore incumbent upon the state of hawaii to sanction measures to gender equality. Beyond international and constitutional bases, the above-mentioned proposed steps would address pressing issues of women whom, more often than not, devoid of protection from the State through household laws, endure gender elegance, marginalization and violence. Sixth is v. Summary and Concluding Assertion Prostitution may be the action of providing the sexual companies to the other folks for money (Lauer & Lauer, 2001).

You will find 50% with the countries in the world legalized prostitution, 10% with the countries limited the legitimacy, and Philippines is one out of the forty percent countries that prostitution can be consider as illegal (Prostitution ProCon. org, 2010). There are numerous ideas toward legalizing prostitution. Majority of Philippine people do not support prostitution while some people said legalizing the prostitution is beneficial than disadvantage. I think prostitution should not be legalized pertaining to five major causes: it is not go well with with law, not suit with federal government policy, not fair to prostitutes, boost the HIV/AIDS charge, and not go well with with our lifestyle.

The 1st reason is the fact, prostitution can be not making sure that you comply by Philippine law. Thailand constitution is usually not support the prostitution. According to degree 46 the first paragraph states that human trafficking, prostitution, and phonogram that cause poor impact on the cost of female is prohibited legally (LICADHO, 2003).

Officially, almost all laws has to be subject to the Constitutional Regulation of Israel, so Prostitution could not become legalized in Philippines. As well, in the Law of Anti-human-trafficking and commercial on mankind says that all kind of intimate services are prohibited by law, and the individual that run a organization of offering the sexual service should be imprison from year to five years, and find list from 5 million pesos to 35 million pesos, states in Law of human trafficking and business activities in humanity (as cited in ADHOC, 2008). If the point out wants to legalize the prostitution, it has to change many laws and regulations that already put in to practice.

The second reason is that our authorities policies do not support prostitution. Government of Philippines promotes Philippines since the place for optimum place to live and cultural tourism, although if the state legalizes prostitution;

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