Psychological Critical Perspective Essay

The utilization of a emotional critical point of view in literary works entails the use of a particular psychological point of view to be used in the examination of the various elements inside the text as they are related to both the author as well as the intended viewers of the operate. Bernard Paris (1997) claims that the use of psychology inside the analysis of any literary text message enables all of us to be familiar with behavior of characters in literature from the past, to enter into their emotions, and to improve our familiarity with ourselves and others through an knowledge of their interior conflicts and relationships (p. xii).

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In accordance with this, what follows is a internal analysis from the representations of life and death in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Susan Glaspell’s Trifles. Inside Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, the psychological rendering of fatality is evident in the representation with the sphinx. The sphinx, as a mythical monster, represents perplexity and death. In its many versions, the sphinx can be said to be a representation of perplexity in the employment of riddles in the interaction with human beings.

Furthermore, it may be considered to be a portrayal f loss of life since it is depicted being a creature that brings death [or at least bad luck or misfortune] to those who also cannot resolve its riddles. In Greek mythology and drama, this creature is usually depicted as a beast which has a feminine male or female. Though generally regarded as an unsatisfied monster, the sphinx as well serves as a symbol of femininity, electrical power and confusion. In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, one may infer that in Greek tragedy, sufferings and tribulations are intertwined together with the hero’s existence. To a certain extent, one could say that in the matter of Oedipus Rex, the sphinx defines the existence of Oedipus; his being a hero’, so to speak.

The same is true for the sphinx. Put simply, the main character and the villain define every others’ getting. Note one example is that within the text by itself, Oedipus’ existence is intertwined with the Sphinx in the sense that the Sphinx and hero happen to be twin-born. Regarding its monstrosity, the sphinx is portrayed in many ways.

These depictions happen to be as follows. In Oedipus Rex, she is portrayed as a performing sphinx which includes permitted the oversight of dark secrets as well as a winged maiden with crooked talons who sang darkly. Oedipus’ incapacity to discern the oracle by Delphi as well as the true nature of the sphinx and its closeness to himself present all of us with a somewhat different perspective about human nature and the ancient Greeks’ idea in fortune. The sphinx reminds us of two things. 1st, it gives out a sensation of our lack of ability to fully know ourselves as a result of human nature’s enigmatic character.

Second, this poses significant questions regarding human flexibility and our capacity for decision. In other words, it toys around the idea if freedom and choice happen to be mere confusion that people would like to feel that they have got when in fact , they do not. In this particular context, lifestyle and death are symbolized within Oedipus Rex in such a way that it places emphasis on the issue of critical the conditions of life. This kind of a difficulty is mirrored inside the portrayal from the Sphinx plus the Sphinx’s connection with the main character of the text message.

As opposed to this kind of, Susan Glaspell portrays your life and death differently in Trifles. Trifles recounts the tragedy that happens within relationship during occasions wherein there exists an absence of homosocial dimensions within a woman’s existence. Within the text, life and death are represented in such a way that they are made to be seen within the context of any masculine gaze.

The reason for this kind of lies in the subjectivity of the portrayal of both freedom and objectivity within the textual content. Consider for example the case of Mrs. Hale and Mrs.

Peter who both tried to conceal the evidence of Minnie’s crime. One particular might note that such a conclusion mirrors a few freedom in both characters’ part. Both characters could possibly be said to possess freedom in the negative impression that they may choose to omit certain information that they have however the subjectivity of this independence is obvious if 1 considers the fact that psychological reason for omitting such an information can be traced for their embeddedness within a masculine viewpoint that requires these to maintain the presence of order within their quick surroundings. Existence and fatality, within Trifles, may be considered determined by a patriarchal point of view.

Such a point of watch, however continuously contradicts the feminists point of view as can be observed in the controversies that arose as a result of Minnie’s death. Sources Bernard, P. (1997). Dreamed of Human Beings: A Psychological Method to Character and Conflict in Literature.

Nyc: NYU G. Glaspell, T. (2003). Trifles. Np: Thomson Wadsworth. Sophocles (1991). Oedipus the Full: Oedipus Rex. Trans. George Young. Greater london: Dover.

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