Pygmalion vs my personal fair girl essay

The Academy Award-winning musical technology film My own Fair Woman produced by George Cukor in 1964, was based on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw written in 1913. Although, the basic story line and root themes are exactly the same, there are a number of differences between your two famous works. The most pronounced difference is that My Fair Woman had music added to the dialogue. Furthermore, Pygmalion works with many of the cultural issues that were occurring throughout the Victorian time in England, which is different from the musical which will portrays exactly what a person may do if perhaps they put forth a true effort.

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Within my Fair Woman there is more emphasis on Eliza’s character developing her presentation and going through all the unconventional exercises’ just like speaking with marbles in her mouth and being connected to a equipment while expressing her vowels, than in the written play. This is probably because in the perform people should certainly expect all this to happen and don’t need to be informed.

Also, Cukor’s My personal Fair Girl did this in the musical technology because it provides entertainment value.

When Eliza finally will be able to speak well, Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering chose to take her to meet Higgins’ mother to find out how discover would act around different distinguished people of high category society. This can be the same in both Pygmalion the enjoy and My own Fair Girl the music, however , inside the musical they take her to satisfy Professor Higgins’ mother for a horses race where as in the play they take Eliza to Higgins’ mother’s house. Also, inside the play Eliza meets Mrs. Eynsford Slope, Clara, and Freddy in Higgins’ mother’s while in the music she won’t meet Albúmina, only Mrs. Eynsford Mountain and Freddy at the horse race.

Following Mr. Doolittle is made into a wealthy man, which happens in the two works, this individual marries his live-in sweetheart. In the enjoy, he sessions Mrs. Higgin’s before going for the church to get married while in the video he won’t visit her at all. The first point in the perform when you find away that Mr. Doolittle has become wealthy and it is going to get married is the moment Eliza dates back to the streets where the lady used to live and views her dad coming out of a bar. That is when he explains to her that he is marriage the next.

On the final evaluation of Eliza’s improvement, the Ambassadors party, she meets the queen of Transylvania in the music but your woman does not inside the play. In fact, this entire scene is usually skipped in Shaw’s perform. The end in the musical can be open finished, leaving readers to come up with their particular ideas and feelings about what is going to happen next. Probably Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle is going to live gladly together such as the myth that Pygmalion will be based upon, Pygmalion and Galetea.

However are many contrasting events that occur in the musical in addition to the enjoy they do have many things in accordance. They have the same characters, however some are designed more in one than in the other. The essential thought and idea’s are identical throughout the music and play which is expected since My own Fair Lady is based on Pygmalion.

I liked the audio more than the perform because I find myself like the musical technology went into a lot more depth of Eliza’s transformation. The tunes and the actors in My Good Lady really brought the storyline to life. For me, Rex Harrison’s portrayal of Professor Higgins was totally perfect; he was able to display far more sides of Professor Higgins’ psyche you could knowledge by reading the play. Pygmalion is the type of enjoy that will under no circumstances be ignored, even though My own Fair Woman is perhaps one of the most memorable video based on Shaw’s play, there have been many other renditions, such as Quite Woman, and there will almost certainly many more manufactured in the future.


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