Ralph ellison s invisible guy as composition

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I have also been called one thing and then one other while nobody really wanted to hear the things i called myself” (496). He realizes that while he may truly feel invisible, he is not; he could be a real man with true thoughts and opinions and he is finally beginning to determine what they are. For instance , he finally comes to conditions with staying African-American and asks why he will need to “strive toward colorlessness” (499) in a world of individuals that want to be the same, meaning they do not want to be themselves. This individual observes, “life is to be lived, not manipulated; and mankind is won by ongoing to play in face of certain defeat” (499). This individual realizes the best way to live to by living as one was born. Robert Lee observes, “what our company is left with towards the end of the book is a man living in crystal clear understanding of what he is, but with no method of giving expression to that understanding” (Lee 32). He would not find the gold at the end of the commun rainbow although he truly does realize the value of being aware of oneself which drives him out of hibernation back to the world, whether he is unseen. Upon getting into the world again, he is aware that this is the ideal that one can do.

Invisible Man is a bildungsroman because we see our narrator develop into a fully developed man that has a clear knowledge of who he can. This finding comes about as a result of several activities that force him to quit and consider his put in place the world. He is told at the beginning of the new how to never live simply by one that should know – his dying grandfather. He runs from his grandfather’s advice and continues to live like all others. While he can in the medical center, he begins to really issue who he could be and at the conclusion of the book, we see that after some parting from society, our narrator has finally discovered his identity and, more importantly, they can live with this knowledge as being a productive person in society, not really some gentleman holed up away from the universe. Invisible Guy demonstrates how man can be shaped by simply society and exactly how one must fight to keep any semblance of self because the community will surely consider it aside if it can easily.

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