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By Grace of God simply by Katy Perry is a song of cardiovascular system break and determination, Katy herself is usually faced with the challenge of working though great and adverse experiences she has encountered through her divorce. These bad experiences that Katy confronts are pictured through a range of features consist of the use of a depressing and Grey colors throughout the first two passages thought i wasn’t enough , Couldn’t take this anymore, Running in empty and so out of gas This is certainly one way Katy expresses her negative connection with heartache and pain, this kind of also can refer to her depression.

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Another technique accustomed to reveal her pain is a use of similes for example locked up tight like iron mountain Katy seems trapped and depressed and if the truth was like swallowing sand Katy feels as though she is better to simply suffer than face the fact although Katy has experienced all of these unfavorable experiences she some how finds it in herself for making her personal positive experience in a similar way to Tom Brennan. For the rest of the song Katy is all about turning her unfavorable experiences in to positives. The girl with determined to pick herself back up and to combat through the pain and make contact with her new/ normal existence.

This is when the girl leans towards the spiritual/ spiritual side of things the strong theme throughout the rest of the song since it ends just about every chorus By the Elegance of God These confident experiences of rebuilding and reflection happen to be proclaimed through two key features the application of imagery as well as the repetition of lyrics. Types of imagery suggested in this track are religious imagery By the grace of our god ( There was no additional way) this indicates to the viewers that her faith was her last resort to help her turn her life. hopeful imagery I selected myself regress to something easier , Decided to stay, I’m not offering up This kind of unveils to us that she is willing to leave yesteryear behind and it is ready to encounter the future. Symbolism of Katy rebuilding her confidence is usually strong through the middle and end of the song this kind of displays that her a lot more really going in a great direction and she is never going to let the negative things deliver her straight down examples of this are I could Finally see my personal again This is similar the the estimate In Jeff Brennan I could smile, cause I possibly could see that he was coming back’.

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