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The wintertime Olympic Games will be major international sporting activities held upon ice and snow after every four years. They were first held in Italy in 1924. Originally, there was four winter months Olympics athletics which are bobsleigh, ice dance shoes, Nordic snow skiing, curling, cross country skiing, military patrol, determine skating, Nordic combined and speed ice skating. Between 1924 and 1936 the game titles were held every four years but had been disrupted by the World War II in 1940 and 1944. The games resumed in 1948.

Over time the winter games have evolved with some sporting activities and self-discipline being added. These sporting activities include the Luge, freestyle snow skiing, snowboarding, alpine skiing and skeleton. Sports activities such as the armed forces patrol have been completely discontinued while others games have been completely discontinued and reintroduced later for instance curling. The game titles are saved in February with the peak from the southern hemisphere summer. The cold weather dependent games have been completely held in the us four instances. Other countries which have organised the online games include France, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Indonesia, Russia, The japanese and Italy. The 2018 Olympics game titles were held in Pyeongchang To the south Korea.

According to the Olympic charter, winter sports are restricted to those sports that are practiced on the snow and ice (Essex, Sophie J., and J. sobre Groot 2016). The addition of new sports, especially since 1992, has enhanced the winter Olympics appeal over and above North America and Europe even though countries such as Norway still dominate the winter Olympics online games. In the initially winter Olympics in 1924 in England, Norwegian athletes and Finland won twenty-eight more medals than all the other players combined. Inside the recently Norwegian, German and Canada holds the first, second and third situation with 35, 23 and 20 medals respectively. The host, Southern region Korea scooped 8 medals taking amount nine general positions. In 1928, velocity skating event was canceled because of the summer condition. In the same yr, Norways Sonja Henie produced history by winning physique skating when justin was 15 years. The 60 United States winter Olympics had been the first to field female speed skating incidents and the initial to tabulate results by using a computer due to IBM.

The 1964 winter Olympics in the Austrian city of Innsbruck had a few challenges. While the sports vacation resort was customarily a snowboarding resort that the the sunshine caused the lack of snow which had to be transported by the Austrian army. Luge sport was contest initial in this Olympic Games, although they ended in the fatality of a competitor during the pre-Olympic training work. However , Soviets Lidia Skoblikova made history when the girl swept every four-speed ice skating events.

The most recent 2018 winter Olympics also commonly known as Pyeongchang 2018 will be being because from 9th to twenty fifth February (Sports 2018). Is it doesn’t first time To the south Korea is usually hosting the winter games plus the second period it is hosting Olympics game titles after the 1988 summer Olympics which were saved in 1988. It’s the sixth time the online games are saved in East Asia ahead of Tokyo in 2020 and Beijing 2022. The overall game features 102 events with 2914 players including debuts from countries such as Nigeria. There were protection concerns as a result of tension among South Korea and North Korea. Both the countries consented to match together during the opening ceremony like a united Korea.

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