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Research Record: Gance-Cleveland (2004)

1) This kind of study sought to explore the attributes, clinical elements, methods, and benefits of school-based support groups for the children of alcoholics (COA). Recognition of this details may aid in the intervention means of adolescents whom are handling the addiction of a loved one and could boost long-term outcomes for the adolescent.

2) the author found that the organizations educated within the dangers of alcohol and drug use, improved coping approaches, enhanced resiliency factors, increased relationships, and increased university achievement. Of equal importance where the observed positive within behavior and an increased awareness of the effect of addiction issues lives (Gance-Cleveland, 2004). The findings in the current study were according to previous literary works including the capability of the group procedure to enable youth and create a sense of consciousness that can be correlated to better decision making and long-term effects.

3) This kind of study has its own significant weak points including sample size, lack of randomization, limited female participation, and nostalgic design (Gance-Cleveland, 2004). Another limitation from the study is a role of the researcher while co-facilitator from the crew. This may include impacted internal validity in this the participants may not possess felt while comfortable performing the group process. Lack of faculty and staff support also could have had an influence on the outcomes of the analyze and the students’ willingness to openly take part. Students and staff believed that there were increased college performance because the result of involvement in the examine, however , university records are not able to be reviewed to confirm the importance of this finding.

4) the analysis provides a style by which school-based support groups to get adolescents may be evaluated. Since the individual selection interviews with individuals did not include male participants, students whom chose to never participate in the group, or person who did not complete the group, results can only be generalized into a small human population (Gance-Cleveland, 2004). Nonetheless, the opportunity of positive outcomes for these junior and the profits that have been offered make transferability a preferred goal. It should be duplicated in other high schools by which adolescents are struggling with the addiction of any family member. As a result of high frequency of this phenomenon, finding a setting to use must not be a challenge to the provider.

5) This model to get evaluation proposed in this examine may be applied to the future to reproduce organizations for teenagers whose father and mother experience addiction. Findings can also be utilized to present education and endorsement to varsity health professionals and policymakers regarding the potential impact that this input can include on this at-risk group (Gance-Cleveland, 2004).


Gance-Cleveland, W. (2004). Qualitative evaluation of any school-based support group for adolescents with an addicted parent.

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