Rifleman dodd essay 2

Rifleman Dodd was an interesting book that is telling a story of a enthusiast that gets separated coming from his fellow brothers and sisters within a battle in the 1800’s. This book describes almost everything about Matthew Dodd plus the things he went through to return back to the fight. During this quest, Dodd happened to run into many problems. I’d personally say the big challenges that he encountered were hunger, fatigue and a Portuguese boy that he met along the way. Together with the challenge of starvation staying in a fight is a very problem because it’s a big effect on how this individual could react once in the face of danger.

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Using a much self-disciplined diet on his journey helped to obtain the strength he had to stay in the fight.

While firefights and starvation weren’t on Dodd’s side, this individual also experienced fatigue. This kind of affect is not easy on other folks health, while Dodd experienced one thing placed in mind he was able to seem past him self and still continue in the battle. He showed many different techniques and tactics in his advantage to help drive around the fatigue stage. Was previously said by another gift that Dodd would sleeping with his regress to something easier against a thing, still having his load up on and his rifle in the hand just in case he need to jump right back into the struggle to help preserve himself and others. He was praised for a smart individual and very identified soldier to get his comrades. His ultimate idea was to go out and fight and return to his unit with is fellow brothers and sisters.

Matthew Dodd a new reputation for himself with the French and was referred to as green shirted one. The majority of the riflemen put on red although Dodd built himself out from the others. His skillful and talented methods with his rifle gave him the advantage together with the French who carried muskets. The French had been so fearful of him that they had silver bullets dissolved down to make. They desired Matthew Dodd killed and he attained the moniker “devil. He had organized significant groups of Portuguese peasants to harass french, kill Frenchmen, making them starve and torturing them with a condition. Dodd just had something in mind which was his place of work.

One of the big pictures from this book was handed with the work of Matthew Dodd and his great techniques to go after the French. I really believe this book can give readers an excellent perspective of what Dodd and you can perform to achieve goals in life, likewise pushing the reader to the general effects of his actions to contribute to the battle and his unit. It’s ironic on how one man can make such an impression and impact on different countries just by obtaining the courage getting the job carried out no matter what the cause.


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