Robin williams in guy of the season essay

In the 06\ film, Man of the Yr, Robin Williams plays a comedic tv series host, Ben Dobbs who have decides to run as a other candidate intended for president each time a member of the group jokingly suggests it. Dobbs is loved by many and very popular as a result of his television show causing him to have various supporters in the election. He went to colleges, towns and other public areas to promote his candidacy. Through the presidential debates he out of cash the rules and gave a speech to persuade the American people to vote for him. While jogging for director he falls into love with Eleanor Green, a women that worked for Stewart, owner of Delacroy.

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Delacroy is a new approach to voting throughout the internet. Despite the doubt Dobbs campaign administrator, Jack Menken had, Dobbs won the election. Before Eleanor achieved Dobbs the lady found a blunder while screening the Delacroy system. She learned that the winner with the test polls as not actuate towards the amount of votes she had for the loss. She reported the problem to the president, Steward who informed her the problem was only on her behalf computer. We were holding worried that she would inform the public in the faults with all the Delacroy system so that they drugged her to make her seem crazy.

Once Tom Dobbs won the selection she advised him the belief that he wasnt really the chief executive. Dobbs was required to make range of wether to see the American people that he wasnt leader or carry on and act as Americas elected chief executive. He chosen to make the right choice and provide up getting the president. I personally think that it is possible for the man like Thomas Dobbs to become elected as president in America. Various people like him and support him on his television show. His work is to discuss politics and many people conclude agreeing with him by the end of the demonstrate. I also think it would be simple for him to be elected by his image.

I believe that nowadays the real meaning lurking behind voting can be lost. Many people just vote because their a recognition contest. That they for someone since they are a his party or a democrat but they determine what the applicant truly features. Thats so why I believe persons would choose a man like Tom Dobbs, because they will know call him by his name and they find out his confront. There have been various man whom, like ben Dobbs, had been a successful acting professional loved by the American people that seeked a job in politics. For example , the popular action movie actor in The Terminator and Predator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was Californias 38th governor.

As well Ronald Reagan Americas 40th president who also stared inside the popular General Electric Theatre and Kings Row and many others. The reasoning behind their succession is likely due to their popularity and charisma. Just like in fist TV argument in 60 between Kennedy and Nixon. Kennedy was more prepared and viewed more presentable in that case Nixon probably leading to his success inside the election. Image and appearance includes a lot related to the election process and they know how to attraction a crowd due to theyre encounter in behaving.

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