Role of beauty in modern community


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We all live in a world where a wide range of our communications are made in virtual platforms, mainly social networking and tv. A lot of the things we see, hear and observe are not physical experiences or interactions. In respect to a survey by CNN, last year, the average teen within a developed country spends roughly nine hours a day about social media. This is certainly more time than they dedicate sleeping and eating. Seeing that 48% with the population in the developed community consists of young adults and teenagers, we can clearly see that most of people who are gonna be foreseeable future leaders happen to be spending a lot of time in the digital world. Spending a lot of time on the net, doesn’t necessarily must be a problem. Where problem will lie, nevertheless , is that anything we see practically, doesn’t necessarily need to exist in reality. Unfortunately, the young human population lack the understanding to realize this.

So today I am going to speak about how someones obsession with make-up and plastic surgery for cosmetic causes is increasing to a level that surpasses good sense.

The reason why I actually started talking about social media and virtual websites is because I feel that this is the main platform by which we stick to celebrities, celebrities and other open public figures. So that as a matter of fact, it really is these general public figures we idolize regarding their “perfect looks”. We see “too great to be true” images of celebrities nearly all day, through some moderate or the different. It is human being tendency to want to be the best version of yourself in every single aspect likely and in this case, we tend to need to seem perfect and absolutely faultless. We all desire an cosmetic and desirable look and nothing wrong about that. In fact , some of us are genetically blessed with the ideal jawlines and admirable body figures, so we avoid even need to bother much about looks. For those who usually are born together with the most brave looks, well, it’s not really impossible to look good. Merely thirty minutes of accelerated heartrate a day may help you stay in good condition and feel mentally refreshed, besides providing you good epidermis and solving posture problems. So , certainly it is possible to stay in good shape and have amazing epidermis naturally! The actual word makeup is defined as something used to “enhance or modify appearance”. When you don’t actually need any enhancements or alterations. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, centered on making money and nine-to-five jobs, people terribly lack time for a little exercise and this is in which the problem occurs!

With clinical and medical technology on a rise, it will be easy to completely modify one’s looks only and later through rhinoplasty before and after pictures. Just imagine having the ability to sport amazing facial appears and a lean body without any work at all- sounds also good to become true right? Like they say, everything experience it pros and cons. Although cosmetics is often associated with ladies, the number of guys using this sort of products will be constantly going up. In the year 2012 alone, about 1 million cosmetic procedures had been carried out in men only- and approx . 106% boost since the year 1997.

Cosmetic surgery is definitely one of those things that doesn’t guarantee you a hundred percent success rate. It possesses a great certain amount of medical risk as well as a probability of failure. Disease, severe blood loss and nerve damage will be one of the many likely consequences associated with an unsuccessful plastic cosmetic surgery, the most severe being loss of life. As far as looks are concerned, most people realize that the outcomes aren’t since flawless as they expected.

Another simple fact about rhinoplasty before and after pictures is that they are actually pricy. Discussing face this. A successful cosmetic surgery is a thing that only the most wealthy among us have enough money. It takes an extremely experienced doctor and superior equipment to undertake a successful surgical treatment, both of which come at a good cost. Cheaper alternatives ordinarily do not guarantee a secure surgery and may lead to different implications. One of the priciest plastic surgeries, a lower-body lift, comes at a mind dazzling price of $8, 1000.

Similar to most other shortcuts, plastic surgery could become an addiction. Once you have how convenient it is to alter your looks by a few surgeries, you are defeat by the greed to alter each flaw in your body. Although you may look great temporarily, over time people have recently been known to suffer terribly. Aside from plastic surgery, locks transplants and synthol injections are a few of the other abused cosmetic procedures.

Not everyone who wants to look great is ready to go under the knife. This is where cosmetic procedures, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS ‘makeup’ also comes in. Just a level of foundation cream and a little dry can quickly cover up any kind of facial scarring or awful skin tone. Again, this might audio too very good to be accurate, but it is definitely not without any shortcomings. One of many problem of make-up is that they are filled with dozens of chemical substances, that lead to the formation of adverse radicals within the body and this greatly damages your body’s immune system in the long term. Another truth is that the harsh chemicals in cosmetic makeup products can actually deny the skin of moisture and hamper vital natural glandular secretions. In fact , many people that use cosmetics for prolonged periods of time, wrap up having to depend on even more robust products and techniques to satisfy their greed for flawless looks.

One other observation that we personally made was that as a result of this “looks obsessed” community of people, other similar areas end up getting a negative name. As an example, people generally associate the fitness community with good looks, without knowning that for most health club goers it can be their athletic performance that matters most to them, not really their lean physique. There are so many athletes and players who train regularly and I usually do not think they do it because of their looks. My spouse and i myself i am passionate about lifting weights, am I captivated with my looks? No . I actually don’t think the top Olympic athletes will be over conscious about their looks. So it can be said without doubt that it is just a little community of people who have body image disorders, that spend several hours applying make-up and spend thousands for risky rhinoplasty before and after pictures, just because they are afraid to be their all-natural self.

As a summary I would like to end with a estimate: “An unpleasant personality damages a pretty face. ” Its about time we start focusing on bettering our character and become a much more charismatic edition of ourselves rather than only a “prettier” variation.

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