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This kind of raises the question of the degree to which this particular qualitative method is successful when it comes to large generalizations.

In general, the qualitative technique of data purchase and research has many advantages over the more restrictive and rigid quantitative methodologies. Qualitative research looks for a more specific and holistic view of the subject and is particularly well suited regarding taking accounts of the variety of factors that may take place in the process of exploration. Quantitative exploration on the other hand is usually bounded by simply questions of measurement and invariably depends on a established set of variables about the investigation and is consequently restricted regarding its contextual and researched potential. Qualitative research is for that reason more successful in education analysis and the cultural sciences; where subjective factor and the involvement of the info sample group are also considered. Many analysts prefer this methods because they are of the thoughts and opinions that which the overall cultural context and complexity is lost when textual data are quantified. (Myers M. D)

However, qualitative research also has numerous important disadvantages in terms of general research benefits. For example , the quantitative method “Cannot assess how most of your market answer one method or another “and “Cannot generalize the findings to your broader viewers or the community in general” (Qualitative Study Methods) These aspects as a result makes attention of the data in terms of the bigger population troublesome.

However , it should also be noted that the publisher is very well are of the limitations. “I was acutely aware of the limitations of this qualitative research… ” (p. 608) the author is usually aware of the extent to which”… The researcher has the ability to frame the questions and dialogue in a fashion that merely leads to the strengthening of preconceived notions and the level to which informants may react based on their perceptions in the researcher” (p. 608). Consequently certain aspects were included in the research design and style to prevent bias due to personal bias and preference, particularly in terms of the ethnographic method and the way that the researcher developed close ties together with the students.

Despite these attempts to prevent bias in the analysis, the study utilizes a very close and almost “immersive” ethnographic method. The author makes reference more than once towards the close speak to and the personal nature with the relationships which were established between your subjects plus the researcher. While this element has its own positive aspects in terms of the goals of contextuality in qualitative study, it can also cause findings which may be biased to a certain extent and not representative of the larger college student community.

An additional factor that has to be taken into consideration in terms of representation is the fact that most the students were with the PASSIONATE program, plus the author clearly points out the particular students have more support in the rationalization of racial biases than a number of other minority learners. In fact this aspect described as a supporting of the disagreement for the AVID program.

In the end, while one may critique the possible limits of a examine of this characteristics in terms of their ethnographic qualitative methodology, a single also has to take into account the relevance of these results. Simply declaring that they may not be relevant because of the methodology utilized in terms of the greater student populace is not really a denial of their possible quality. The author certainly makes a incredibly logical and cogent justification in this research; namely that the aspect of sexuality perceptions of education and gender related educational successes is a great variable that certainly seems not to have been adequately taken into consideration in the materials. What is possibly needed is a type of ‘triangulation’ between qualitative and quantitative research from this particular examine. In other words, a much more quantitative research study could be used to supplement, test and add to the studies of this qualitative study, to be able to ascertain the larger and more standard application of the central thesis.


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