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This film depicts lifespan of a female who has certainly not lived up to her cultural expectations and by the time she is 25, she realizes that the girl with getting too old to find love. Your woman then satisfies a man to whom she falls in love with, but the issue lies in his not being via her same ethnic and cultural backdrop. This creates turmoil among her extremely traditional friends and family. Her father refuses to acknowledge her new fiance, although insisting that she is in love, the lady gets her family to simply accept a non-Greek individual into their family. In contrast to It Happened 1 Night (1934), My Big Fat Ancient greek language Wedding (2002) shows how culture impacts love inside our civilization.

The relationship between the two of these individuals, demonstrates how much love means inside our society. The underlying concern in this case is how two different nationalities could bring together to form a shared one wherever everyone is completely happy. The film itself is around the relationship, however the underlying communication is that acceptance could can be found in various forms. Love drives emotions, and these emotions could lead to a resolution among people who do not seem to have anything at all in common. Together with the growing selection in the world, different cultures happen to be constantly staying joined to each other by means of relationship. This film demonstrates that with appreciate, acceptance is usually possible. The external elements in this film did not affect the couple’s decision to be with each other.

The two films great representations of affection within our culture. In different techniques both motion pictures showed the ultimate reactions to love and relationships. Probably given the different time periods that both videos took place in, they give us different outcomes of being in love. Industry One Evening (1934) reveals how decisions made on a whim could completely reroute an individual’s lifestyle. The woman from this movie ran away from her home, relatives, and father in order to pursue the man that she believed she adored and wanted to be with the remaining of her life – only to find out that she falls in love with an additional man. My own Big Fat Greek Wedding ceremony (2002) reveals the opposite aspect to love in our culture and how being in appreciate does not necessarily indicate that one must make decisions without thinking these people through. This kind of couple made a decision that their particular love was worth fighting for, but they confronted their very own opponents head on and arrived at a endanger that everyone was happy with. Both of the lovers from the videos had trouble with their significant others’ parents, but made the decision that with regards to the love that they can had for one another, it was worth pursuing. Love with this society is around making the right choices, and both motion pictures, deciding what direction to go based on his passion that is felt between all of these characters, is what comes off as the underlying motif in these films.


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Platinum Circle Film, 2002. Film.

It Happened One Night. Dir.

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