Sampling and Data Collection Essay

Pertaining to Jose Cuervo to stay in front of the game, qualitative and quantitative data must be collected to develop the new flaschen line and stay prior to the competition. Collecting quantitative info on the fl?schchen is relatively convenient, whereas collecting qualitative data, on the other hand taking a significantly bigger and more meticulous effort. To collect such info a review was done to determine if Jose Cuervo should bring in a new tequila line focusing on the women marketplace. A convenience method was used because the sample was made from one hundred ladies who were simple to reach for various places.

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A series of several questions regarding the likes and dislikes of tequila was performed. From the info collected Jose has decided to analyze the information as follows. In the event that, 65% from the individuals gave positive feedback then Jose Cuervo will accept and launch the new tequila range Reina de la Noche. In line with the data one of the highest scoring queries showed that 85% in the population surveyed likes to beverage tequila.

Furthermore, 95% of such individuals have confidence that they might drink flaschen if it had been fruity in flavor. It is also very important for Jose Cuervo when presenting a new product that the value and consumption of the current high quality tequila does not damage. Jose Cuervo believes the high ratings in these categories reinforces and confirms the hypothesis. Yet , there are a number of challenges since it relates to the validity and reliability of the research problem, the data accumulated, and examination. Challenges to validity and reliability The results from the survey help confirm the validity and dependability of the item.

Because, each experiment will never generate the same results unless we certainly have the same size population and sample size. The initial survey question asked for the women was do they like tequila? 85 women said that that they liked tequila, whereas the other 15 women that took the survey did not.

The second issue was as a woman might you drink fl?schchen if it were more focused as to what appeals to women? 95 ladies said that they can drink tequila if it had been more appealing to consume than the first tequila, while 5 explained they still would not beverage tequila. Another question was what is your age group?

This problem was divided into four categories: 21-25, 25-35, 35-45 and 45 as well as. Out of the a hundred women that took the survey forty five were between your ages of 21-25. 40 women were between the ages of 25-35. 15 girls were involving the ages of 35-45 and ten girls were era 45 and over.

The issues to gain the validity over the entire study were less. The research problem has to be reworded to gain the particular answers the research need in the sample. This also do affect that data from which the sample may be miss lead or perhaps confuse by miss wording and terminology.

Jose Cuervo has to identified the mistake without rewording parts of the investigation question. The fourth question was would females like this beverage and how perform they such as the new low in calories tequila ingest each week? This kind of question was divided into three categories: zero-three, three-six plus more than half a dozen. Out of 1 hundred women, 35 females drink zero-three drinks a week. 55 girls drink three-six drinks per week and five women drink significantly more than 6 drinks each week.

Steps to minimize challenges The first thing would be to require a group of visitors to test the new liquor out. They will be involved in the customer survey with their presented responses for the Jose Cuervo. The responses will be whatever we need to get comes from the collected data in respect to what the individuals used to sample noted.

This will give us some appropriate figures as to whether our type of Jose Cuervo will succeed or fail in the industry while using selected targeted individuals that we now have chosen. We will then locate another number of individuals to make use of for the test and give all of them the same info to receive their very own given reactions. Their responses will be in comparison to the Group A responses.

This will give us more accurate effects that we may use to complete our intended targeted information. This is referred to as the test and retest evaluate for accuracy to find out in the event what we are doing is the proper thing. The results or findings will be reinforced to make sure that the speculation will be approved. Without this replication of results, the experiment and research will have not achieved the requirements for making this a testable event (Shuttleworth).

Buy of Electric power Once the research were accumulated, each category was designated a numeric value. By sorting the information using number values, the responses can then become evaluated by using a nominal range. Furthermore, by using this method your data was able to always be analyzed statistically and brought about the sample to be expected to a broader population. Conclusion In conclusion, the data research and analysis is employed so that Jose Cuervo can be assured that the investment of launching a fresh tequila collection will be effective.

Furthermore, this information will help with the marketing and item analysis with this new low in calories tequila beverage. Since, the results figured 85% with the women that took the survey appreciated tequila and 95% agreed that they could try fl?schchen if the taste changed, Jose Cuervo feels confident which the new fl?schchen line Soberana de la Noche would be successful. Reference Cooper, D. L. & Schindler, P. T. (2011). Business research methods (11th ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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