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Damion Booker is a 6’5 point guard via Rialto, Washington dc that is apparently the best rock handler since Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson was an incredible sportsperson he was adaptable, had basketball IQ, he averaged a double twice, and most coming from all a leader around the court. Damion Booker implemented those same specific aspects. Damion Booker was your first circular draft choose and was drafted to Los Perspectives Hokies and previously attended Rialto Point out University (RSU). Damion Booker majored running a business and had a GPA of three.

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being unfaithful. Not only performed he have got great athleticism and skill, he was smart. He made prize roll annually and questioned himself increasingly more. Every tutor loved him and was very popular about campus. Having been also involved in many activities such as martial arts, played keyboard, and self volunteered at a senior citizen house a couple of hours every summer break. While becoming involved in a large number of activities this individual met someone named Elijah Hearth. Elijah Hearth was obviously a good friend, yet also a troublemaker.

In addition , while Damion Booker was getting together with his friend Elijah Hearth he attained a new agent and experienced he was fit for the position. His first agent was unreliable rather than trustworthy. A couple of days after Damion Booker got a call saying there was an NBA Lock while at residence. His agent said this individual didn’t provide an idea when the new season was going to begin. He was very amazed and heartbroken, He could hardly believe this. Damion Booker had to locate some way for making money therefore he decided to own a business that he is been attempting since he was a mature in college or university. Damion Booker was tired so he became even more involved. A couple weeks later his resteraunt opened it was called Damion Booker Palace. He made big bucks and had a lot of money. As a result, he started to be very cocky in everything he did. It took a whole lot of his time to owning that restaurant.

He invested some time away from field hockey to put in job to own the Palace. He previously earned funds twice as quickly as regular people who started all their business. For most people it takes years to own a business, but for Damion Booker it took him monthly. The background lurking behind that is that he made this kind of special marinade that drawn people all over the world. Damion Booker made a tasty, scrumptious spices that was called the Damion Cool Killer Pasta Sauce. It was apparently the best spices nationwide and it is the favorite at Damion Palace. That attracted untamed, bizarre eaters like Andrew Zimmern. The pasta sauce was so good Claire Zimmern explained it was the best pasta he ever sampled.

As a result, for the Cold Killer Pasta Sauce this did have a key ingredient. The secret ingredient was this famous pepper installed from Peruvia. It was called the Peruvian Puff Pepper. The Use the e-cig Pepper had this particular flavor that made ingredients spicier and even more flavorful. The sauce also had extra amounts of salt and other excessive ingredient however the extra sodium and the use the e-cig peppers are those who made the sauce taste better and more addicting. The spices became and so addicting it made skinny people body fat and the excess fat people become fatter. The sauce is sort of in comparison to a huge mac via McDonald’s. Many individuals bought it and it was incredibly addicting. The Puff Self defense had a special element that made you beg for more and more. Damions Palace put many businesses upon bankrupt due to how good their specialty was. The only organization that remained standing had been McDonald’s, Plug in the Field, Carls Jr, Taco Bells, Applebee’s, Grupo Express, and Denny’s however they were shedding the average clients because Damion Palace was taking over because of their special tomato sauce.

They were also losing money to in which that was a bad thing and tried putting more advertisements onto TELEVISION SET commercials, radios, billboards, and blimps. People didn’t treatment to much about the advertisement of TV commercials, blimps, billboards, and radios all of the people cared for about was Damions Palace and their unique pasta sauce. Damion Booker created the idea on a single boring weekend and decided to cook. All of a sudden, he created making tomato sauce because that was his mother’s preferred thing to consume while the girl was aged she would help to make it in special occasions. He went into his cabinet and pulled things such seasonings such as salt and self defense, and all kinds of sauces that his mommy had placed. Then, Damion pulled out a bowl and started mixing a mixture. He felt a couple of mixes and did not like them to well.

After a couple of even more mixes he tasted an enjoyable sauce that he assumed tasted quite amusing. That they didn’t have got much mainly because they Damion’s mom did not make much money. That they weren’t poor but they were not fortunate. Following tasting the sauce he knew having been going to become successful in the future. Although doing this he realized he needed a backup arrange for when the NBA comes out of it is lockout. His backup was to have his brother dominate Damion Palace when the NBA lockout ends. By the time Damion got settled to becoming a business owner the lockout had ended and it was moment for Damion to start basketball again.

The first couple of weeks the Palace ran very effortlessly. At one particular point that they had more customers than ever documented. Damion was getting completed with hockey and his sibling was overtaking the best restaurant in the nation. Life didn’t want to get much better for the Booker family members! As existence ran effortlessly they became extremely conceited until a fire burned over the Palace. Damion was depressing and seemed a complete inability, but still self-confident. Although the palace burned down, Damion didn’t know the place was used up down until the all-star break he examined in and called his brother to inquire how the cafe was running. Damion close friend told him the place acquired burned down. Damion was furious! Damion’s Brother failed to want to interfere with Damion’s basketball job. Their marriage was dangerous and don’t talk to one another for a long time. They will constantly could argue and still have many cross disagreements.

When The Bookers dropped their restaurant, they became unfortunate once again and were very despondent. Their family began to carry on corners and beg for money for a living but not pertaining to very long. These people were going through several tough times however they always defeat the tough situations. By the time the Bookers started making more money Damion had started preseason field hockey with the Los Angles Hokies. He was a star in the team like the whole globe already suspected. To modern times Damion Booker came to the NBA just like Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving was a initially round draft pick and immediately became a superstar in the NBA. Life started to be good for Damion Booker again he was obtaining fame and publicity. He was getting a lot fame and publicity that he served as if he forgot that his own restaurant acquired burned down and started treating his family well. He started to be in magazines, commercials, and on the net. Damion Booker became the facial skin of golf ball and more notably the face of Rookies.

Overtime, however, Damion Booker became arrogant bad items begin to happened to him again. Damion booker was going for a slam dunk on a fast break and hurt his ankle. He was on the ground pertaining to 10 minutes and couldn’t wake up. He felt paralyzed and the medical staff had to choose Damion up & set him on a stretcher. The very next day he attended the doctor and they told him he had a ruptured Posterior muscle group and that he are never able to perform basketball again. Damion Booker was upset because hockey was his life and if you got basketball far from him it was like taking his your life away. Field hockey was his Life! He played it every day and whenever he previously the time. On the offseason of when Damion was in school he would usually go to the recreation area and have pickup games. He’d dominate and win nearly every single video game.

Damion didn’t want to listen to the doctors. He declined to listen to anything they said. Damion was going to revisit and play in the NBA whether or not they said this individual could or perhaps couldn’t. The network technician believed that he was likely to be out for his job and so did the whole world. Incredibly Two months after, Damion walked on the court and the region was amazed. It was an amazing return and his debut from going back he had twenty- two points, half a dozen assists, and five springs back. People knew this child was special because no one had ever before recovered by a ruptured Achilles tendon and in addition because of just how fast he recovered via his damage. Later, he got first year of the year and proportioned 18 items a game and became cocky once again.

In Addition , to Damion getting cocky after he received rookie of the year he began to get discovered and this period he was messed up for life. He started getting influenced by his friends and thinking he was better than everybody in the world. That same nighttime he earned rookie from the year Damion went out running with his friend. There was prescription drugs and liquor that this individual got into that just totally messed up his mindset. Using the missing several practices, be able to the team place late, disrespect the coaches, and many other points that received him into some difficulties.

Also, his numbers decreased, and appeared always worn out. Instead of Damion averaging 18 points a game title coming from the injury he averaged about almost 8 points a casino game. As he kept doing these activities they seen a drastic modify and purchased Damion for taking a drug test. A couple of days afterwards the team received the outcomes and this individual failed the drug check. After they acquired the benefits the Hokies released him to cost-free agency and no other crew wanted him. He noticed he made a blunder and begun to feel depressed. Because of this, he received kicked from the NBA and felt and so lost he committed committing suicide.

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