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Shu Uemura Make-Up Remover: A Product Analysis

Shu Uemura was an internationally renowned Japanese makeup specialist and the president of the famous cosmetics type of the same brand. Shu Uemura’s interest in makeup artistry started out as a young adult as he was recovering from a severe condition (Shilling, 2008). He entered the world of film makeup in 1957 doing work as a make-up artist to get the film “Joe butterfly” (Associated Press, 2008). Shu Uemura kept Japan and moved to the United States so that he could break into the film and television set makeup organization. He became one of the most famous makeup artists in The show biz industry. It was the season 1960 when ever Shu Uemura developed and launched his first makeup product (Associated Press, 2008).

History of Shu Uemura Makeup

The inspiration for Uemura’s first product came from dealing with Hollywood fashionistas and actors. Often , stars and performers had to alter makeup repeatedly a day. The cleansers that they can used at the time were harsh and remaining their epidermis rough and damaged. Uemura noticed that it absolutely was more difficult to create beauty by damaged skin area than by healthy skin area. He chose to develop a business line that would not really damage the skin.

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His first merchandise was a cleaning oil that left the skin cleaner than soap and which also moisturized skin. This groundbreaking new product solved many complications for stars and performers that had to change their makeup a couple of times a day. Uemura’s product works very well and it is still one of the most popular selling products in The japanese. The viewpoint of Uemura’s product line positioned the health of this can over various other aspects of the cosmetic lines. The most important part of this idea is that he felt one should enhance the natural beauty of the pores and skin through improving it, instead of creating an appearance of outward magnificence through the use of large cosmetics that further ruined the skin (Associated Press, 2008).

. This idea of placing the health with the skin and enhancing than natural beauty rather than trying to cover mistakes still remains with the forefront in the company. Uemura later came back to Asia and exposed the Shu Uemura Make-up School (Masters, 2008). Uemura taught his techniques and philosophy by his college. During the increase of the Japanese people economy Uemura opened his first store store in Tokyo. After that time Shu Uemura cosmetic makeup products became a force in both the home-based Japanese, and international markets for beauty products.

Shu Uemura cosmetics soon had retailers in Paris, New York, a London, Hong Kong, in many other outlets in Japan (Masters, 2008). The business has expanded its product line to include hair Products, lifestyle products, fake lashes, perfume, and a niche line of Picture Credit: handmade make-up brushes.

Nevertheless , the companies remains to be best known due to its famous cleaning oil. Shu Uemura became known for top quality products and were made to the life styles of the rich and renowned. The company’s numerous be considered a ethnic force rather than just another cosmetic on the market. Uemura was a trendsetter in equally his philosophy and in the merchandise lines that he created.

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Following Uemura’s fatality at the age of seventy nine in 3 years ago, his organization continues to promote the viewpoint and education that was your founders’ musical legacy. Shu Uemura Cosmetics offers products showcased in many expensive makeup and fashion magazines. They continue to develop new lines while continue to keeping with all their founder’s beliefs. The following is going to explore all their primary and secondary market segments, with a concentrate on their most famous makeup removal. It will check out the promoting plan for Shu Uemura cosmetic makeup products.

Market Analysis and Segmentation

Currently, Shu Uemura makeup products is a part at of L’Oreal SOCIAL FEAR. Their main facility in office remains to be in Tokyo. Primarily, the corporation is a Western Company and its particular primary marketplace is Cookware. However , their association with Hollywood likewise gives it a very good U. H. presence. The company was able to power its early establishment and associations with all the rich and famous to provide it the proceeds that this needed to open opportunities in the fashion capitals of the world. Uemura first broke into the industry by immediately entering into conjunction with that organization segment. This kind of allowed that to gain sound footing inside the upper end market. It absolutely was never associated with a lower priced, more common demographic.

Uemura’s initial launch his product lines in order to enter the higher end industry and become known as a product of professionals and those inside the film trade. Uemura’s capacity to gain a situation as a makeup artist pertaining to Hollywood was obviously a key factor that put him in the location to establish a reputation in the market.

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This kind of establishment as an exquisite specialist in the film industry was a key factor that allowed him to launch his beauty line starting with marketing for the same viewers.


The earliest demographic group that Uemura catered to was that in the wealthy, artistic class. This is a key factor in his achievement at continuous to market to this upper class part. At that time, much like today, in the event Hollywood was wearing it or doing it, this soon caught on with the rest of the general public. Uemura surely could establish an association with this class of customers from the beginning using his own popularity to power access to this highly appealing target market. Once having been into this demographic, the remaining simply chop down into place. Shu Uemura’s market commenced with an elite group of people that were highly powerfulk on the rest of the country and the rest of the world. The first item sold and developed by Shu Uemura arose from a need that was identified for the specific group. These people had been professionals and depended on cosmetics and dependable products.

The first Shu Uemura item was designed to meet the needs of professional makeup designers and actors and actresses in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

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This market was small , and by comparison while using potential marketplace for the product, but the foreign exchange market was remarkably influential around the rest of world. Everyone watched Hollywood to find out what they were wearing, the way they were operating, and what makeup they use. Hollywood established the strengthen for most of society. Access into the foreign exchange market of highly influential people was a great strategic approach by Shu Uemura to put the standard for his product as high priced and as a product that carried respect.

Shu Uemura’s market admittance with a single product that was high quality which solved the condition for this top notch group of people arranged high specifications and large expectations for the rest of the products the company would develop, as well as for the products that they still do. Many are designed for pros, but many other folks use them as well. Shu Uemura cleansing herbal oils and other goods are still utilized by professionals and by actors and actresses inside their professional line of work. This kind of group presents a small, yet important part of the market segmentation to which Shu Uemura provides.

Shu Uemura provides professional discounts for those in the industry whom use and promote their products. This kind of promotional approach has two important effects. First, getting used by pros sets the standard in other marketplace segments which the product is good quality. If pros use it, it is considered better than other goods that are on the consumer market.

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This enables them to extract a higher price for the consumer market because they are advertising consumers a professional grade merchandise. Its ongoing association with Hollywood and professionals likewise gives a lot of free advertising and marketing and coverage. It permits the company to attend Hollywood incidents and to always be associated with society’s elite. Their very own association with this group transfers to their products too.

One of the most interesting questions about this marketing strategy in its development is actually it was accidentally, or if it was Shu Uemura’s purpose all along. His desire to get a job with Hollywood was your first step to his long term association with Hollywood’s abundant and renowned. This relationship would act as a springboard for the expansion and spread of as products within a global marketplace. His first and most important market segment was the Showmanship elite and the ones who manufactured associated with.

The U. H. Market

The establishment of the U. S i9000. market intended for Shu Uemura arose from a natural affiliation with Showmanship glamour. Shu Uemura proven itself being a brand that was associated with popularity and good fortune. It began on the enchantement circuit and it continues to be the brand that is high in vogue. The fashion industry takes on an important function in building U. T. brands and brand id. Any brand that is discovered with Hollywood or the style industry will filter into the rates of the normal consumer. Shu Uemura’s pricing scheme permits it to stay in class of

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