Similarities and differences among kumalo and

Much loved, Cry The Beloved Region, Novel

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Similarities and Differences Between Kumalo and Jarvis

In the book ¨Cry The Beloved Country¨ by Joe Paton, a white guy named James Jarvis and a native man Stephen Kumalo has many differences and similarities. A guy who judges natives and is also a character, was advised that his son perished by the hand of a local, and a native who had been looking for his son to finally discover he murdered a white man’s son and will be hanged for what this individual did.

One similarity is that they are all is going throughout the heaviest part of their existence because Jarvis” son is usually dead because of Absalom and Absalom is going to be hanged for killing a white man. Another similarity is that they both live in Ndotsheni but one particular lives in the rich miles and the different lives in the indegent area of Ndotsheni but they equally love and care about where they live. After Kumalo’s son, Absalom kills Jarvis son, Arthur, Kumalo goes to speak with David Jarvis in Johannesburg. Kumalo broaches this issue in an roundabout manner, saying “this point that is the heaviest thing of my years, is the largest thing of all your years also. “(Pg. 213)James recognizes at once what he means and says, «I heard you. I realize what I did not understand. You cannot find any anger in me. “(Pg. 214)The difference between Kumalo and Jarvis is that Kumalo is just a poor old man who is an Umfundisi for a chapel on the poor side of Ndotsheni as well as the dirt for them was red because it was erosion and so they couldn’t grow crops there». Jarvis was a rich hurtful who judged natives lived on the top of the mountain in which he owns a farm with beautiful grass that is well tended which includes very little animals that live generally there.

Equally fathers turn to understand something special in their kids. Kumalo struggles to talk with Absalom about killing someone else. James attempts to get to know his son through his boy’s book that he was writing and through his boy’s private paperwork and library, the things this individual didn’t find out about him just before his boy died. Both equally fathers grieved over the deficits of their son’s, are only genuinely reconciled once James helps Stephen rebuild his church, and Kumalo became good friends with Arthur’s only child. The city of Johannesburg ruined both of their own families apart yet outside of the location broken people can be cured again. Eventually both Kumalo and Jarvis would wish that right now there kid may be home with them if perhaps they were nonetheless alive.

In conclusion though both Kumalo and Jarvis have been through rough moments both experienced put all their differences besides and the both equally became friends. Both have obtained knowledge using their trip to Johannesburg.

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