Southwest Airline – Distribution Strategy Essay

Functioning under a great intensely competitive environment, Freebie southwest Airlines properly projects it is image thus customers can differentiate the product from its competitors. Freebie southwest positions itself in all its marketing and sales communications as the sole low-fare, short-haul, high-frequency, point-to-point carrier in the usa that is fun to soar (Cheng, 2010). Its low-priced fares are a brand fairness which it “owns” in the mathematical sense of being the sole major aircarrier with a solid score within this attribute based on consumer exploration. Southwest’s brand exudes an element of fun: a down-home attitude which this leverages to provide the consequences of low prices in a positive light.

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This is certainly great for Southwest Airlines, but they are able to improve upon this when you are more clear and allowing the customers to view exactly what their very own hard earned dollars are going to buy them. A great inflight service staff, a possible chance for and inflight contest, pay much more for a meals while inflight if required? What I haven’t found is definitely the business practice Southwest offers in place for individuals that need to consume, such as people that have diabetes, elderly or in poor the health. Southwest would be wise to post these issues using their remedies and let customers to provide their own remedies. This would allow Southwest Flight companies to address more of the customer concerns they are and they are not aware of.

Bridging the apparent difference between what their business model shows as issues and what issues really lie with the flying populous. Applying extreme pride or acceptance might not be the first words one would think of to describe how Southwest Air carriers treats travellers: no first class; no meals other than peanuts; no assigned seats; zero transfers of luggage to various other airlines. Southwest’s in-flight service has, actually become pejoratively synonymous with peanuts; however the payoff in savings is usually huge (McDonald, 2007).

Southwest has a clear business model that uses sole aircraft type, short-hauls, supplementary airports, point-to-point hubs vs . hub-and-spoke to hold its costs down. Southwest tries hard to identify itself by doing things that you and I could seemingly sort as odd. For example , not really assigning seating in its plane tickets helps to strengthen its image that it gets passengers with their destinations whenever they want to get right now there, on time, with the lowest possible prices.

By not assigning seats, Southwest can change the airplanes quicker at the gate. If an airplane may be turned quicker, more tracks can be flown each day. That generates more revenue, in order that Southwest will offer lower deals. The huge savings have created a phenomenal manufacturer loyalty pertaining to Southwest Air carriers.

However , several travelers usually do not like to become herded in to the plane and be stuck subsequent to somebody equally as large or next to the commun crying child. I have a family of five and if we fly via South west, it would be beneficial if we could pay extra or panel first with limitations for the location in the plane we could sit. I actually wouldn’t try to take in the first five seats while this would be unjust to those that would get them basically wasn’t bring my family with me. There are areas to get improvement for Southwest in terms of gate cell phone calls, seating and inflight knowledge.

With the volume of monies that South west is saving and making with their current business model, they will could benefit not filling up the plane to max like other service providers. This would allow movement from the passengers within just to better cater to issues that arise. Also, for people that are taller and heavy such as me, I would manage to have more leg room or consist of my kids in a single area of the seats so as to never bother different passengers at least minimize the issues as much as parentally possible.

The Internet caught many carriers uninformed. It added a new distribution channel, however the companies that became self-aware of this and immediately tapped into it had a much better take care of on what could be done with it (Rottman, E., Dorothy, H., & McGowan, W., 2007). Southwest was focusing. It began participating in on-line sales in the Basic Reservation Request level, a level specifically designed for its personal needs in 1995, typically to make your life easier for travel agents in its home market of Dallas (Bremner, C. & Fiona, M., 2008).

This technique of releasing their “goods” has benefitted Freebie southwest Airlines hugely. Lower ticket costs, bigger sales volume and removing the middle gentleman, offering a pseudo volume break way for the flight shopper. Freebie southwest could turn this press through progressive marketing campaigns targeting the areas of air travellers they at present do not. The elderly, young university students and those with children; these kinds of untapped areas hold a fantastic possibility to get revenue if perhaps Southwest is usually willing to target and market to all of them.

Southwest employs a relatively straightforward fare composition, featuring low, unrestricted, unrestricted, everyday trainer fares as well as even reduced fares available on a restricted basis (Bailey, ainsi que. al., 2009). In January 1995, South west Airlines started to be the first major aircarrier to present a Ticketless Travel alternative, eliminating the need to print and process a paper ticketed altogether (About, 2012). This innovation came to be out of necessity after it was thrown out of three various other computer reservation systems (United, Continental and Delta’s, as they airlines sensed threatened simply by Southwest’s competitiveness).

This development allows buyers to completely bypass the computer reservation systems of major airlines by getting a confirmation amount and appearance for the flight (Wilkening, 2012). Consumers loved the idea and the paperwork was lowered tremendously consequently , saving money. This practice is now pervasive on the market, due to its financial savings ability.

Currently, if a client wants a printed solution, there is usually a overcharge of $20; and if a passenger works on the travel agent, there is yet another $25 service fee (Ranson, 2011), yet these types of fees acquiring passed upon the South west Airlines customer. Southwest Air carriers hit the mark with the self-ticketing and kiosk alternatives for air travelers. One way they can improve should be to allow stamping from home/office via email attachments like most other service providers.

A possible smart phone application download could bused so you since the customer merely needs to have your phone on you and the ticketed with bar code present in in an attempt to board or perhaps clear suitcase check in. This will allow intended for an even more quickly boarding alternative, quicker trip boarding as a result creating less gate to takeoff period; creating greater revenue plus more flights daily. Unlike different airlines, SWA does not rely on travel agents to distribute many. Travel reservations on Southwest Airlines are done primarily through direct promoting: by mobile phone and the Internet (Arsenault, 2009), without a middleman.

Southwest also does not interline or offer joint prices with other air carriers, nor is there any relever feeder human relationships (Taneja, 2008). This lack of middleman is incredibly lucrative pertaining to Southwest Airlines, generating significant revenues and saving that they can pass onto the consumer. South west Airlines would be wise although to have a support section on their website that was truly useful. The current support section is cumbersome besides making for an upsetting experience for the people having problems.

Use a live chat feature and/or a call back feature like a few competitors have. This will associated with purchasing knowledge a positive. Completely happy customers propagate good promoting to one or two people when unhappy buyers spread the phrase to five or more. Overall the syndication plan South west Airlines engages is doing work in conjunction using their business model and has done therefore for over 40 years.

There are several good areas that contain carried south west through a down economy as they had been tried and true strategies. With the creation of the internet and the quick escalation of social media sites, blogs and forums; Southwest Airlines has had to re-engineer its division plan to consist of these. You will find and always will be areas to get improvement and growth in the ever changing, busy environment of today’s digital world.

Key areas to further improve upon consist of marketing to demographic areas outside of the existing business traveler, use different means of selling/advertising besides South west Airlines site, use even more nontraditional ticketing methods and permit for with capacity of alternatives for all those needing a few assistance. If Southwest will keep its attention on the air travel monetary reward and adopt these few changes, they will be around for another 40 years.

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