Southwest Airlines Case Study

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Excerpt from Case Study:

Southwest Airlines

Efficiency of South west Leadership

Southwest management provides defined a and simple business purpose. The management has additionally chosen the proper business model that supports the business purpose. The management consistently demonstrates the core beliefs and actions derived from the important thing business purpose (Emerald, 2005). The quality of the airline customer support is identifiable with warmness, friendliness, specific pride, and company heart. This has retained the staff comfort high. The leadership offers opted to refrain from giving their business the usual method by providing low fare air transportation assistance in 34 states in the usa of America (Emerald, 2005). This has forced its opponents into personal bankruptcy. The airline’s decision making systems are capable of doing the business style through perfect strategic position. Southwest Airlines’ organization can be kind of upside-down pyramid rendering it very much consistent with the way they might like to do business. The top management is in the bottom and supports the frontline personnel who would be the experts.

The experts execute the day-to-day and yearly organization planning and operational cash strategy which is performed bottom-up. This unorthodox leadership style was put in place by simply Herb Kelleher who was their co-founder. Under this kind of command style, management decisions are made by everybody in the corporation not just the very best executives (Roybal, 2011). Emphasis is certainly not put on constructions. Employees will be instead permitted to think freely without limitations. The way South west Airlines conduct business is unique to them. Their fleet entirely consists of 737 Boeing. They will strictly give economy seats. There are zero in-flight meals save intended for peanuts and also other snacks. It them aside from their rivals. The Herb Kelleher command style motivates Southwest Air carriers employees who have are highly valued for their tips, their diligence, their extra effort, and extraordinary work ethic. They truly feel valued, respectable, and enthusiastic to perform to even 110%. At Freebie southwest Airlines the leadership place employees previously mentioned themselves. Actually the leadership is offered last. The leaders tend not to worry about just how comfortable they may be if their people are uncomfortable inside their work environment. By Southwest Air carriers leaders tune in to the problems raised by employees. This way they are put their own suggestions and lurking behind and tackle the demands of their persons.

The leadership cares about employees. It is alive to the employees’ work related struggles, their very own learning models, abilities, and talents. They will let each employee understand they are valuable part of the wish team (Roybal, 2011). They motivate all their workers by lifting these people up and encouraging them. They are really slow to criticizing them and faster to complement. They will appreciate the efforts of the employees (Roybal, 2011). Employees are also empowered by giving them capacity to make decisions on their own with no interference in the top management of the Freebie southwest Airlines. This puts them in a position to check their potential. This makes employees feel that they are great. At Southwest Flight companies, employees receive power to dream about what they want to become in life. The management then simply capitalizes for the potential of the employees and helps them attain their dreams. The command motivates staff by giving tone to perspective of their own options contracts.

Basis of Southwest’s competitive benefits and the potential challenges to its technique

Southwest Airlines is a leader in the Usa Sates household airline industry because of three major elements. One of the elements is how a airline manages it staff. Employee pleasure is the flight chief goal (Scott, 2012). Employees get free submit making decision without respect to buildings. The airline embraced the leadership design that resembles servant command style in which experts generate ideas which can be subsequently exceeded up the pyramid to the key

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Excerpt via Case Study:

Southwest Airlines

Value string and resource-based view of the firm

Freebie southwest Airlines contains a famously exceptional business model intended for an flight, one which provides enabled that to preserve a profit actually during times when the rest of the air travel industry’s fortunes were flagging. Southwest is actually a budget flight that offers fairly limited routes to a fixed number of locations, in comparison to its competitors. Nevertheless , it strives to offer outstanding service, due to its enthusiastic and well-trained staff. It offers value to customers based on price along with programs such as its Rapid Rewards dedication program (Thompson Gamble 08: C-287). “Southwest was a wise practitioner in the concept of selling price elasticity, proving in one industry after one more that the revenue gains via increased admission sales plus the volume of traveling traffic might more than make up for the income erosion associated with low fares” (C-287).

South west was also one of the first flight companies to eschew the ‘hub and spoke’ system of flights. Instead of giving many hooking up flights to prominent significant airports, Freebie southwest focused on supplying shorter, direct and frequent flights. This reduced gaps based upon cable connections. It also increased customer satisfaction by simply streamlining and improving customer satisfaction. Early on, South west focused on carrying out what it performed very well, instead of trying to always be all things to all or any people. This marketed alone as a low-fare, on-time airline (C-289).



Within an era where service quality on routes is plummeting, Southwest still has a strong status for the enthusiasm of its thoughtful staff. Additionally, it exhibits a feeling of humor because an air travel, most notably in its artful ‘love’ campaign, a verbal word game00, regarding the location of the airline around Love Discipline. Southwest staff members were specifically selected for personality, and being happy to sing and play games was a must (C-287). This strategy as well increased client satisfaction, by making the traveling much more ‘fun, ‘ even if there have been delays. For several consumers, such as those with a great eye after their pocketbooks, Southwest appeared to be an ideal airline. Also, can be who travel and leisure on recurrent, short journeys, its Quick Rewards dedication program presented more value than standard regular flyer courses, because the volume of trips, versus the number of mls flown, communicated rewards to the passenger.

Freebie southwest was mindful to avoid the overly ambitious expansion of some of it is rivals. That expanded in markets cautiously, and quickly cut unprofitable flights. As well as engaging customer service, it was careful to maintain and upgrade the fleets, and stay informed of basic safety concerns. When ever Southwest would expand, it absolutely was in areas underserved by simply rivals (C-292). Its flight model allowed it to hold fuel costs low, also to avoid paying landing service fees and airport terminal gate costs (C-293). It absolutely was the first airline to offer expedited, ticketless travel (C-292). Its democratic method of seating passengers within a numerical style further bolstered its standing as an ethical airline that cared about buyers, as well as decreased the time it was a little while until to plank.


Southwest remains essentially a regional airline. For flyers who require to travel widely all over the world, it may not be the airline ‘for them. ‘ Also, more and more airlines happen to be cutting back on in-flight amenities. Southwest always provided a budget target, but now more airlines start to appear to be Southwest, most notably its price range rival Aircraft Blue.

Southwest’s greatest some weakness at present is

Freebie southwest Airlines Example

Excerpt via Case Study:

Southwest Flight companies

Since its creation, Southwest Flight companies has grown drastically to become one of the reputed, cheap, and longest-standing airline that gives the largest quantity of domestic routes within the Us. For more than several decades right now, the company continues to be able to support its charm to customers and its low cost originator picture, even though that discernment and view has become more of an old adventure than the present reality. The airline organization has done very well to increase and improve their market basic all over the Usa; however , this lacks presence in the worldwide market.

SWOT Analysis is actually a valuable and convenient application employed for understanding a business’s strengths and weaknesses, pinpoints the options available for the corporation and the threats it confronts. In the business realm, an organization can easily utilize this technique in order to achieve a lasting share available in the market. The company can easily employ this system to determine if an issue is an internal or internal aspect and how this hampers of benefits the company, with the present condition but also in the possible future (Warner, 2010). Furthermore, by studying the internal and external environment together with that of the rivals using the SWOT analysis, a business is able to develop a strategy that enables it to produce a distinction between itself as well as rivals in order to compete successfully in the market (Mind Tools, 2016). The internal factors can be handled whereas the firm are not able to control the external elements. This daily news will assess the SWOT framework of Southwest Flight companies and offer suggestions.


One of the key strong points of South west Airlines is that it is well known as one of the essential low cost airline leaders on the market and also a great inventor purchasing a low-cost transporter. The aircarrier offers affordable tickets as compared to other air carriers. Southwest Airlines is the biggest low cost domestic airline and has the second biggest business in terms of revenue passenger kilometers. Boasting a record of gainful and cost-effective operations for a amount of 42 years substantiates the achievements of the business’s business strategy (Schmidt, 2015). Another durability of the firm lies in it is business model. South west Airlines utilizes a point-to-point business model compared to the hub and spoke version employed by significant airlines such as American Flight companies and Usa Continental. The enables the business to attract higher traffic on majority of their domestic routes as it can provide lower average flight time (Schmidt, 2015).

Southwest Airline’s various expense reductions will be beneficial for the business in terms of passing on the benefits to it is clients. These kinds of lower prices help the company in gathering higher demand for their tickets. In addition , this dangerous of demand helps the airline to attain cost savings by simply directly selling on its website and thus minimizing marketing outlays (Schmidt, 2015).

Weak points

Regardless of their major strong suits, Freebie southwest Airlines does have its flaws, which act as a weak point in its businesses. One of the main disadvantages of the organization lies in their significant reliability on a single provider – Boeing. Southwest Air carriers procures all its airliners from Boeing and the single aircraft model that the business uses for its business operations is the Boeing 737. The implication of the is that the aircarrier is overloaded, often exceedingly dependent on this line of aircraft and any negative occasions such as an increase in the purchase price of the airline or possibly a recall by manufacturer can easily affect the organization and operations of Freebie southwest (Gulliver Organization Travel, 2012).

Another weakness perceived in Southwest Airline’s operations is the fact its products and services happen to be slowly turning out to be archaic. In the contemporary, one of many features flight companies offer worldwide is a long legroom intended for consumers, even for ultra-low cost companies. Southwest Airlines, however , continues to persist with very heavy aircrafts which may have minimal seat pitch. Besides offering it is consumers Wi fi while on panel, a great deal of it is product supplying is debatably outdated. What is more significant would be that the company could possibly be missing a major opportunity to influence the airline’s strong manufacturer to come up with fresh opportunities for generating even more revenue (Center for Aviators, 2014).


At present and the foreseeable future, there are numerous possibilities available for South west Airlines to fully make use of in order to obtain a competitive advantage. One of the main opportunities intended for the company is tapping into unexploited markets not simply nationally but also worldwide through enlargement of organization operations. Inside the 2014 money year, Freebie southwest Airlines unveiled its own-branded global assistance. The purchase of Air Tran coupled with restoration and overhaul in the reservations system have been completely beneficial in expediting the expansion aspirations. Including international flight support is crucial for South west Airlines in the endeavor for network diversity considering it is definitely debatably the most domestically penetrating airline in america. The capacity to offer its significant consumer bottom accessibility to proximate global leisure time destinations is usually an progression in its businesses and is an opportunity for the airlines to build increased income once the market segments reach maturity (Center pertaining to Aviation, 2014).

Another opportunity for Southwest Flight companies encompasses the prospective relationships and tactical alliances with foreign worldwide airlines. Inside the contemporary, Southwest is the main prevalent aircarrier

Southwest Airlines Case Study

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Excerpt by Case Study:

Business Studies

Southwest Air carriers

Southwest Airlines has been a extremely successful aircarrier, it has been one of the successful air carriers in U. S. background with the inexpensive carrier style created by Southwest emulated successfully by many other airlines across the world. Today it is the largest domestic carrier in the U. S. And has a good consistent income, with on a few quarters in the the latest recession exhibiting losses (Southwest Airlines, 2013). There are numerous causes of the achievement, the main reason will be the leadership plus the way the firms capacity to gain as well as effective competitive advantages. These kinds of will provide a good basis from which to consider the future of the firm.

Performance of Management

Southwest Flight companies was founded by simply Rollin King and Natural herb Kelleher, having seen successful interstate airline functioning out of California it was believed that Texas can also support an interstate air travel (Barratt, 2008). The idea was to create an airline that could operate in the interstate marketplace, but would provide low cost plane tickets, which were also enjoyable. At the most basic level, background shows that the leadership will need to have been powerful, not only did the firm survive the original threat to its presence with successful a three-year legal fight brought about by three other Arizona airlines planning to stop the firm from taking tot he skies, the company has grown in a exponential rate.

It may be contended that the important aspect of the leadership is the leadership design and ideals which are capable to gain the loyalty and trust of employees and support excessive levels of efficiency. The leadership style has become referred to as servant-leadership; a style where needs with the employees are put prior to needs with the leader. Even though, when Natural herb Kelleher began the company and got the sturzhelm as a situation this term was not employed, there was a simple belief that if utilizes were remedied well, as though they were inside customers, they might treat company well and become motivated to provide high numbers of customer service.

The leadership technique appears to been employed by well, the corporation has been able to create a corporate culture wherever employees are generally not seen for taking themselves also seriously, and are also able to support customers come with an enjoyable flight. Furthermore, staff have been treated on the basis of worth, for example it absolutely was Southwest Airlines which chosen Louis Freeman, the initially black pilot in 80, and he was subsequently known as the initially black key pilot got any main U. S i9000. airline in 1992 (Southwest Airlines, 2005).

When Plant stepped straight down as CEO, he stayed at on as chairman until 2008, once Gary Kelly, the existing CEO also required on the role of leader. While the command may include changed, the leadership style remain precisely the same, with these in management positions over the organization supporting the people based culture, with an technique to develop and promote people internally, discovering potential in four essential areas, the ability to share the folks, the ability to build great groups, strategic considering, and the capability to achieve good results, the areas that the company referred to as all their leadership objectives (Bryant, 2007). Developing and promoting workers internally helps a people based approach, and demonstrates dedication by the companies to the staff because the health and support determination, one aspect which can be supported by a persons relations way of thinking. It has not merely been management managing people who has been successful, the financial management and leadership tactics such as the use of hedging to get fuel have also been key elements of the firms success.

However , by leadership is apparently highly good, there are also some failings which may become credited to leadership failures. This is noticed with the protection failures for Southwest Flight companies, it was discovered that the South west aircraft was flying without the legally essential safety inspections, some farreneheit the aeroplanes had been soaring in this state for none months, This was a significant failing and indicator some internal systemic failings which have being attributed to command. The most worrying aspect is definitely even following this problem was identified, the firm allowed the aircraft to continue soaring for another seven day. The effect was a fine of $10. 2 mil. Therefore , whilst leadership may be strong, it has been far from best.

Competitive Edge and Difficulties to the Technique

To be successful a firm needs to have a competitive edge; something that models it in addition to other companies and attracts customers. Jordan Porter features defined two main sources of competitive advantages; cost positive aspects where a firm is able to generate goods or services at a lower cost than opponents, and difference, where the firm is able to offer some type of qualities which makes the excellent or assistance different and preferable to the competing services or goods (Mintzberg ou al., 2011). In turn each of these approaches could possibly be applied to possibly the mass market or perhaps niche marketplaces. Southwest offers targeted the mass marketplace in the U. S., this can be seen while using way that airline got developed and the broad appeal.

The model of Southwest Flight companies, providing a no frills inexpensive service has become highly affordable. The organization has been capable to keep costs very low, with no additional solutions, such as in-flight meals, and the use of only a single style of aircraft to reduced maintenance costs. Recently straggles just like ticketless product sales and do it yourself check in; the organization has continue to keep costs to a minimum. Hedging to get fuel in addition has helped to minimize costs. The sales had been supported and flights have had a high potential, which has allowed the organization to support a cost advantage. Outstanding profits have then been used to support the company image.

The firm is able to diverse itself. Having developed a low cost carrier model the organization also received a first valerse advantage, that they fully power; Southwest Air carriers gained and have maintained a reputation pertaining to value. The ‘fun’ part of flying is also observed in the light hearted attitude in the staff and customer centric approach, differentiating itself while able to give enjoyable flights. This as well presents the firm having a challenge, as any competitive benefit will be emulated and other companies will try and use strategies that are proven to be successful; because seen together with the rise of low cost companies.

To remain forward the differentiation is constantly reconditioned, as noticed with the connected services rendering it easy to by simply Southwest plane tickets, such as the ‘Ding’ program, indicate the main edge is differentiation.

The airline has also desired to increase business and retain custom using a loyalty system. Loyalty courses are common in the airline industry, many companies use them to create and maintain dedication; Southwest is not a different, however the firm has tried to make differences to in the scheme. Therefore , the firm competes with differentiation, but looks for to create this through many areas associated with customer service.

Potential Growth Approaches

The company has established itself as one of the most successful airline in U. S i9000. history, after the first few a lot of losses the firm has turned an almost constant profit, with passenger numbers growing each year. The market inside the U. T. may be viewed as now growing more slowly, with firm acquiring AirTran in 2010; it was this kind of acquisition which will took the firm for the position with the largest U. S. household carrier. This also assists with the potential economies of scope and scale helping the cost benefit.

The firm is in an industry where there can be some expansion potential, but it really is limited and a high level of competition to low cost carriers, such as JetBlue, competing strongly, as well as full service carriers reducing ticketed process to compete. The firm

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