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Subject matter

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The job displays the image of a sole Coca-Cola jar is repeated in regular rows, several high by sixteen around, above the industry�s logo, printed in dazzling red, which represents the take art style he had produced so popular.

Ideas and meaning

in artworks

The recurring imagery and standardized structure evokes the look of mechanical and mass imitation, a key a part of American tradition that Warhol wished to reveal in his works. He desired to expose the materialistic and automated mother nature of world, in his own unique way

Working methods

‘Green Coca-Cola Bottles’ was created the year that Andy Warhol produced his landmark silkscreen approach, 1962, which in turn allowed him to produce his paintings and illustrations through a mechanical procedure that paralleled his use (and the manufactures production) of mass culture topics.

While continue to a print, the black outlines were probably stamped by hand by a single carved woodblock onto green areas printed within a grid design, which displays the unique and varying techniques Warhol employed.

Early influences

The art and ideas of French artist, sculptor and writer Marcel Duchamp, most likely more than the ones from any other 20th century specialist, have substantially altered our understanding of what constitutes an object of skill. Among the characteristics that Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp share can be a desire to shock, a preference for superstar, a idea in the day-to-day object.

Later impact on

Muriel Latow, a friend of Warhol’s in NY, advised him this individual should help to make art about “something people see each day. ”

Historical and/or cultural framework

Warhol once criticized and glorified the top values of America’s commercialised post-war culture using the coke as an example. “A Coke is actually a Coke, ” he described, “and no qualtity of money will get you a better Softdrink than the 1 the bottom on the part is consuming. ” To him, the Coca-Cola company epitomised everything American tradition had become, and everything he wished to show.

Artist’s style/aesthetic attributes

Warhol has established contrast inside the black lines against the shiny green of the background, every single with refined differences in the work’s pattern; each of the bottles differs in both the prudence of the green underpainting in addition to the clarity of the stamped account. The printing process also resulted in the bottles staying printed somewhat askew, distressing the steadiness and proportion of the grid and making the containers appear at the same time handmade and individualized, but streamlined and mass-produced.

Green Coca-Cola Bottles, 1962


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