Star battles informative presentation essay

Though that was allowed to be the end in 2008 the animated film Star Wars: The identical copy wars roused 35 million 20 1000 908 us dollars. That brings the total star wars film series to 4 billion dollars 550 , 000, 000 450 1, 000 8 dollars. In 2005 gorges Publication stated the fact that star wars franchise had grossed above ASS billion dollars and growing, that number is usually believed to be nearer to $27 billion dollars now. That number is a much stretch by $4. a few billion right? Well the Star wars franchise involves much more than the 6th movies field Office counts.

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The video and DVD product sales are regarding 53 billion dollars 775 mil as explained by figure brain. This includes all DVDs and movies from all 6 movies and Star wars the identical copy wars. The video game revenue grossed $2. 9 billion. These games range from the most well-known super Nintendo games to the newer Palpitations and Oxbow games. The book sales have made $1. 82 billion. This is certainly an example of merely 1 of the twenty three books my own boyfriend only has, all together there are above 100 literature written.

The toy sales have grossed 12 billion this includes all collectibles, figures, and toys and games such as questions, Logos, coloring books, or perhaps bobble mind that discuss. The last bit is considered various other which includes certification, television shows, and merchandise made apex. SSL 304 billion dollars to date, Merchandise includes Fez despiser, cards, and some other Star Wars affiliated item. Now lets discuss the creator George Lulus plus the producer from the movies twentieth Century Fox. George Lulus net worth can be believed to be among $3. And 6 billion and developing He wrote every motion picture and through negotiation kept all rights to the videos and all internet marketers so to this time continues to obtain profits via all Superstar Wars accredited products. twentieth century fox grossed height. $2 billion dollars 730 million 270 thousand 5 dollars from generating all of the films. Originally about 1975 Whenever they were acknowledged by Lulus to produce the ivies these people were reluctant mainly because they couldnt know in the event the world was ready for a major science fictional works movie With this type.

It was the best risk they ever took. You can now see that Superstar Wars is the most powerfulk franchise of all time. Almost everywhere you look there is something Legend Wars. The simple fact that have not seen one of the movies and I knew a lot of the characters and even some rates before this speech show its impact. This business has not only monetarily profited many, nevertheless has designed the views and lives of pretty much every member of the last three years.

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