Statement of English Language Ability Essay

English is not my personal official vocabulary. However , it can be taught for most of the universities and Educational institutions of Peru. I’ve recently been fond of The english language movies and literature as childhood, such as the writing of D. They would.

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Lawrence’s, “Women in Appreciate, ” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, “The Scarlet Letter. ” As a result of love my of studying English, Choice at the age of twelve to fifteen to study chinese at ICPNA Institute, probably the most prestigious English language Institutes in Peru. I finished a dozen basic training in one year, which helped me communicate and understand the vocabulary more easily after i came to the United States. I have used English as a Second Language (ESL) classes by Nassau Community College. I use finished the three expression levels, four comprehension levels and an advanced grammar course.

Due to receiving a high, English Level One, Choice to take the placement test for Nassau Community College to get my Accounting Degree. Quality requires that students illustrate English skills. The several hour test is hard and includes grammar, producing, listening, and comprehension measurements. After waiting around fifteen days, I received good news through the College: I used to be accepted in Nassau Community College. At Nassau, I have taken a large number of English classes including preparatory English, Formula 1 and 2, and Public Speaking.

I possess also used other courses such as Accounting, Business, Regulation and Science. These training helped to boost my vocabulary and allowed me to to connect with my accounting profession. These days have a job employed in Customer Service in regards to international calling cards.

In this position, I prefer my expertise in the English language language when speaking with customers from numerous countries,?nternet site process on the web transactions.

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