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However the not enough stability during these partnerships is known as a major weak point for the organization today. In 2008, Apple released this graphic illustrating just how pervasive they presumed video-based equipment would be, which in turn clearly makes the value of digital content providers essential to their long term business model.

Market Assessment of Video-Capable iPods

source: (Apple Investor Contact, 2008).

Rendering: Apple will need to work tightly with their research and development team to find out what Apple is bringing to the table. Despite the success from the iPod plus the iPhone, Apple should continue making goods that are familiar to the customer nevertheless more user friendly. By doing this Apple will offer their customers products at a lower cost. Additionally , Apple can also cut costs by utilizing outsourced research and development teams.

Putting into action a competitively featured product relevant to Apple then should take into account an enterprise model that reflects the needs of digital articles partners and their differentiation when also taking into consideration how one of a kind and unique Apple’s consumer bottom is as well. The following graphic provides observations into their consumer bottom and its exclusive attributes.

Supply: (Cuneo, 2003)

The rendering of any kind of series of competitive products must take into account these types of attributes and seek to make them inside the proposed business customer base as well. Specifically centering on innovativeness and communicativeness with the proposed goods, along with showing just how digital content’s value may be retained over time is critical intended for establishing and sustaining differentiation. This can be accomplished by having a larger structure compared to the Apple iTunes ecosystem, leaving from the proprietary nature of how music and digital articles is distributed by Apple today and producing a more open architecture for any person to use music or digital content on any unit.


The ramifications of creating a more fair partner ecosystem that value the requires and profit requirements of digital content providers can serve to generate greater difference faster than products (Berling, 1993). Apple’s innovation have been driven at the product level, yet they are faltering inside the areas of partnerships (Abel, 2008). What is required are products that take on Apple by a functional level yet have a more open architecture that allows content suppliers to retain their very own margins and profitability.


In analyzing the functionality of the difference strategy the metrics connected with content use and exchanges which Apple relies on intensely (Casadesus-Masanell, Hervas-Drane, 2010) have to be added to with profit every partner as well. Only after that, will a

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