Sweatshops case study essay

There is not any denying that sweatshops are disgusting, unsafe places to work, filled with even more unfair pay and essentially absolutely no labor laws and regulations. However , sweatshops provide a much better working environment than most other jobs available in these kinds of poor countries. Working extended hours, sewing and making additional consumer goods, is much more safe and sanitary than operating the corner being a prostitute. These against sweatshops are very interested in the safety and health of the workers. I highly doubt that prostitutes use condoms with every, in the event any, of their clients; and anyone that provides ever been to health category knows how dangerous sexually transmitted diseases can be.

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Kristof mentions in the article, that although they aren’t the best of jobs, a factory is much better than trying to find trash in a dump. Production facilities provide a a lot more stable cash flow than hoping to find a pound of plastic-type that can be exchanged for five cents. America believes it can do anything.

Although we are a very good country, it is nearly impossible for our authorities to actually turn off every single sweatshop in the world. We would have to convince every other region to likewise boycott the consumer goods manufactured in these production facilities. Instead, America should give attention to helping to regulate them.

In the event that sweatshops had been forced to adhere to labor laws and regulations and instructed to provide all their workers with a decent minimum wage, this issue, would frankly not be a concern. Rather than only shutting almost everything down, the American govt would be greater off using their energy to essentially help the poor people that work generally there. Without sweatshops, those people have absolutely no profits, and regardless how you obtain your cash, feeding your loved ones is better than losing a child to starvation. Furthermore, to argue that without sweatshops these personnel could find better jobs is usually incorrect. If there were “better jobs readily available, why could they decide to work in a factory in the first place? They would just be unemployed. Safe jobs with fair pay out and affordable hours will be what any individual would dream of. One of the countries that provide these matters is America. However , if we are so concerned with helping the individuals that have horrible, unfair careers, why is it which a large area of our country is against immigration? The folks that immigrate from Mexico to become landscapers or janitors are simply looking to escape poor working conditions and find better paying careers. Their target is simply to produce a better lifestyle for their families.


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