Switzerland history culture and lifestyle thesis

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Excerpt from Thesis:

In most of Switzerland’s cantons, the main religion is definitely represented simply by Christianity. Roughly 41. 8% of the population belong to the Catholic Cathedral, while 35. 3% belong to Protestant denominations. Other made use of, which were brought by immigrants consist of Islam accounting for 4. 3%, and Eastern Orthodoxy accounting intended for 1 . 8% of the human population.

Demographics in Switzerland

The country’s inhabitants in 2009 come to 7, 604, 467. Age structure may be the following: 0 – a decade: 15. 6%, 15 – 64 years: 68. 1%, 65 years and over: 16. 3%. The median age group is predicted at forty one years. The population growth price in 2009 come to 0. 276% (CIA, 2009).

Ethnic groupings in Switzerland are symbolized by German born 65%, People from france 18%, German 10%, Romansch 1%, various other 6%.

The national and official dialects in Switzerland are: German born 63. seven percent, French twenty. 4%, Italian 6. five per cent, and Romansch 0. 5%. Other dialects include Serbo-Croatian 1 . 5%, Albanian 1 . 3%, Costa da prata 1 . 2%, Spanish 1 ) 2%, English 1%, and other 2 . 8%.

Holiday Party in Switzerland

The most important holiday in Switzerland is usually Christmas, which can be celebrated similarly compared to the U. S. And other European countries. For example , the Holiday tree is usually decorated upon Christmas Eve in general, shows are traded among family members, friends, and colleagues.

Santa is also within the Switzerland Christmas celebration (California Shopping center, 2009). Nevertheless , the Switzerland seem to adhere to more and more the American party style, by simply decorating outdoor and inside locations through December.

One other popular holiday break celebration is actually New Year’s Eve. The moment is celebrated by a lot of people in the same style as it is celebrated in other corners of the world.

Additional holidays consist of Berchtold’s Working day, Easter, Labor Day, Nationwide Holiday about August 1st, and others (About, 2006).

We have a series of additional local holiday break celebrations that vary from a single canton to a different, in accordance with the characteristics of each place, the religion practiced in each quarter, and other particular traits.

Trend in Switzerland

Much like the country’s gastronomy and arts, Switzerland’s fashion is likewise quite varied amongst it is cantons. The German, France, and Italian language regimes have influenced the respective regions’ dressing design in different manners.

The German born dressing design is a stricter one, quite easy, very pragmatic, oriented more on the comfort and functionality of clothes, rather than in esthetics.

The French and the Italian dressing variations are quite the contrary, focusing on the esthetics in the clothes, instead of on their functionality. They pay a lot of interest towards components, and clothes are sometimes incredibly charged with certain embellishments.

Tradition and Customs in Switzerland

The country’s continuous modernization procedure has substituted many practices and traditions with new habits. Customs in Switzerland are also diversified, varying in one region to another (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).

But one of the common traditions is definitely represented by country’s orientation towards ecology, recycling waste, and the maintenance of character.


The practical application of sociology as being a science can be represented by the study of human communities. This newspaper focuses on showing an overview of the Swiss contemporary society, by providing information about the aspects that create the life in the Swiss country.

The conventional paper analyzes significant aspects tackled by sociology, like lifestyle, economy, record, traditions, religion, demographics, yet others. For example , the section mentioning economy is important from sociology’s point-of-view due to the fact that it allows to observe the monetary context from the country and just how this affects its citizens, the standards of living, and the country’s opportunities.

The newspaper also offers an image of the Swiss citizens’ lifestyle, their way of thinking and acting when playing individual level and as a society.

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