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I actually. Executive Summary 1 . Preface This Advertising Plan is definitely prepared for or the existing product of Fresh Milk for children for 2012 when competition is anticipated to be much stronger. In this promoting plan I’ve covered the industry evaluation, target market from the product, pricing, product, promotion, and circulation strategies for the merchandise. I have given the details about the strategy implementation and details of promotion budget. installment payments on your Company Advantages.

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Dutch Lady Vietnam can be described as joint venture business was established in 1995 in Vietnam among Import and Export Firm in Binh Duong province (Protrade) and Royal FrieslandCampina ” leading dairy companies in the Holland with 135 years of encounter operating on the world.

With a commitment to boost life for the people of Vietnam, in 15 years, Dutch Girl Vietnam continues to be actively causing the lasting development of Vietnam. Full Name of business: Llc food and beverage Nederlander Lady Vietnam English brand: Dutch Female Vietnam In foods and Beverages Term: Dutch Lady Vietnam Range of work: Food ” Drinks.

Website: www. dutchlady. com. vn several. Plan Brief summary 1 . Industry Situation Currently, the average milk consumption is definitely 14kg / person / year. Milk consumption progress associated with GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth. When ever salaries had been higher, the necessity of dairy would even more higher to boost nutritional quality. Children were still the topics consumed one of the most milk, specially in big towns like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Forecasting with regard to Vietnam’s milk market will continue to increase in coming years by the impact of per capita income is expected to increase 125% in the period 2008-2012 (to $ 1854 USD as well as year) cause increased demand for milk.

The industry share of fresh milk in Vietnam [pic] installment payments on your SWOT Research |Strengths |Weakness | |Famous Brand |Raw material of milk not really self-control | |Using modern technology to make quality products. |Product design has not yet centered on variety of buyer is kids. | |Having the circulation system over the country Vietnam. |Not obtaining the advertising courses of fresh milk products had been directed | |Having a team to get research and new product advancement. |toward children. | |Having care and counseling support. |Fresh milk products weren’t achieved by age group development per segment of | |

The Table of Overseer is qualified and knowledgeable. |children. | |Oppoturnities |Threats | |Increasing income |Increasing price of imported raw materials | |The State features budget for stopping malnutrition in children |Competition with many home milk organization | |High ratio of young population |Influence with the international economic integration (WTO) | |Vietnam always progress high economical |Appearance of many substitute items | |The State is rolling out policies to expand the dairy. |Appearance of new competitor | |With advantage of distribution channels to get brand expansion |Changing psychological.

3. Advertising Stratagy Merchandise ” High quality and convenience product and combined flavor ” The labels design focus on customers happen to be children Cost ” Price is less than competitor ” We give incentives to distributors Promotion ” To boost awareness regarding nutrition from milk. ” We can make video advertising and marketing milk toward children, advertising and marketing on the multimedia, TV, newspaper publishers. ” You’re able to send activities associated with social will be as nutritious supply, improve school features, create options for education for the indegent children of learning. 5.

Control ” Control and sales evaluation ” Hunt for customer ” Objective analysis (extent of completion) ” Rebuild technique (if ineffective) II. Current Marketing Circumstance 1 . Macro environment 1 ) Political and legal environment Dairy sector is one of the sectors which is supervised close by what the law states and the Federal government. With stringent legal environment will give the dairy sector opportunities and threats. The Government is putting into action a plan to further improve the strength progress people whereby the milk consumption will be higher.

One of many objectives in the plan should be to develop the domestic dairy products industry by simply increasing the number of cows to double the existing number. 2 . Economic environment Every capita salary more and more increases the higher with regard to quanlity of life, elevated demand for consuming delicious food, increased demand for wearing great clothes and demand for better healthcare especially for children. Hence the fresh dairy market will probably be considered as good growth in next years. Participants inside the dairy market in Vietnam include maqui berry farmers, consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, professionals, veterinarians.

All them will probably be related and influence one another. Vietnam is a agriculture country. Dairy bovine have been used on livestock coming from Vietnam in 1920, currently the dairy products industry have not really designed. Government made preferential procedures for the dairy farmers in the initial three years because the state is going to support gardening land make use of tax, free of charge the water sources fee in growing turf area to get purposes of breeding dairy products cows. several. Technological environment Milk digesting is one of the essential stage pertaining to diversified to products, maximize quality and increase earnings for the dairy sector in Vietnam.

Therefor, the true secret of the expansion planning of processing milk industry is based on the development of technology, advanced tools, innovation to further improve the quality and product variety, research and production of recent products with high quality to fulfill domestic require and exports. Besides which the research expansion will also must make sure strict cleanliness, food basic safety, improve nutritional value of products, keeping energy and protect ecological environment.

To invest in scientific exploration, the state encourages to invest in scientific research, pick the technology, received the technology transfering from development countries and putting on technologies in production.

Besides, enterprises are encouraged through joint venture to handle technology transfer to meet the requirements of modern technology, and encourage investors to use domestic products manufactured comparable quality with imported tools. To support the dairy sector, there are supplementary industries happen to be as product packaging production, digesting aids, chemicals, micronutrient applications in the dairy industry are usually encouraged to transfer technology, research to make certain food safety at the maximum level.

Alternatively, the research acadamies will also improve the capacity to be able to focus on study issues of science and technology of milk processing and maintenance, food protection and cleanliness in dairy processing. 5. Social- social environment Vietnam is evaluated a potentiality market with nearly thirty percent population rate in cities and total 86 million population and distribution by age happen to be as follows: ¢ 0-14 grow older is 29. 4% ¢ 15 -64 age can be 65% ¢ Over 66 age can be 6. 5% So the framework of Vietnam’s population is considered a young inhabitants. Total uncooked milk development in 2010 was produced 306, 662 plenty.

Total dairy consumption ongoing increase in the rate of 15-20% by every year, forecast in 2020 the intake of milk is going to increas double, the average milk consumption in Vietnam is currently around 16 kg as well as person as well as year. Although compared to the globe, the Vietnam milk intake is still too low, probably since we have no the behavior of consuming milk. Subsequent, to match up against other meals and salary of of families (especially in countryside areas), the buying price of dairy products in Vietnam remains to be quite high. As with many other countries with excessive income amounts, the milk becomes an indispensable food inside the daily menu. 5. Natural environment.

According to data went out with 01/10/2011 of General Division of Statistics, total dairy products herds in the area increased last year compared to 14. 31%, from 115, 518 cows to 128, 583 cows, 13, 065 additional cows. In comparison with 2009, total production of raw milk production this season increased 15. 23%, a rise of 28, 472 loads from 278, 190 loads in 2009 to 306, 662 in 2010. How much raw dairy only meet about 22% of dairy consumption in currently, the rest of row milk have to import. Until September 11/2010, we was imported 646 million dairy and dairy food, mainly by New Zealand, the United States, the Netherlands and Asia.

According to statistics through the Association of Vietnam hitch, raw dairy demand boosts from five-hundred million lt in 2010 to 805 million liters in 2015. installment payments on your Buyer Evaluation Customers of Dutch Female are broken into two types: ” Customers ” Distributors. Customers whom are the end of customer, they may trigger pressure to product top quality. Currently, milk products is very varied and can be interchangeable, and the selling price factor is usually not the most crucial for consumers when choosing dairy food. Companies compete with each other by quality and variety of item, brand¦ then simply to cost competition.

Buyers can compare the same goods of different firms from which making decisions to buy or perhaps not buy products and drive pressure about prices of goods and some of pressures coming from customers will be as follow: ” Information that buyers has had ” The characteristics of the brand ” The sensitivity of price ” The product difference ” The availability of replace goods Vendors influence obtain decisions of shoppers. The household dairy firms and the unique agent of foreign milk firms need to compete to find the point distribution strategy mainly through discount and commissions to merchants.

The central distribution points such as nutrition, hospitals, pharmacies e. g can gain considerable strength against dairy products firm, because they can influence buying decisions of dairy products of customers through counseling, referral products. The current distribution from the dairy industry has been the make use of existing companies. Therefore , getting started with rivals to convince this channel shared by taking many commissions to suppliers, so the costs is bigger. 3. Competiors Analysis With these eye-catching oppotunities, the dairy companies are becoming more packed and competition is getting tougher.

Currently the dairy market, the greatest competitor of Dutch woman is Vinamilk, in addition to a lot of other household dairy products including Hanoimilk, Mocchaumilk ¦ and several imported dairy are as Johnson, Abbott, Nestle. 1 ) Substitute products Currently, milk products haven’t alternative good. Nevertheless , consideration of wider to ensure that dairy products can compete with a large number of health care items such as fizzy drinks. So the milk industry can be endangered coming from substitute great. 2 . Threats from the participation and impact of new organization The end of month 12/2010, milk marketplace was received a new clean fresh dairy brand was TH The case Milk of True Milk Group.

This is project that breed cow and and produce the clean fresh milk in Nghe A great province with total expenditure up to UNITED STATES DOLLAR 1 . 2 billion, with closed method, comply with worldwide standards of recent Southeast Asia. TH Dairy herd is growing with more than 10, 000 bovine and is gonna reach 137, 000 deer in 2017. In this season, the company’s the processor is going to reach 500 mil liters as well as year, fifty percent to meet the needs of domestic marketplace. TH True Milk is definitely anticipated that rival the greatest potential to contend in the market of fresh milk.

Characteristics of dairy market is growing steadily, profits, business was relatively stable, when the new business joins to industry should have capital and potential is definitely strong enough to overcome the barriers. Industry barriers are not small pertaining to the new company special capital and digesting technical. In the future, Lady Dutch will be taken part more from new company come from foreign country that with the outstanding technology, capital and materials inputs. Therefore the power of competition increases from new potential competitors. 3. SWOT Evaluation 1 . Strong points ” Nederlander Lady is usually one of most well-known brand in Vietnam.

Dutch Lady is definitely the choice of customers. It has obtained a foothold, its position inside the hearts and confidence of consumers. ” Advanced technology from the Netherlands (every year, food market of this country has deducted 2% of sales by food to reinvest in research and development). Dairy production technology always has stringent regulations in food security and ensuring that your milk is always clean and delicious so that is going to enhance pertaining to health of shoppers. ” Nederlander Lady have wide division through a lot more than 150 suppliers and 75, 000 stores, every year, it provide to consumers above 1 . your five billion dairy food through coming from supermarkets to convenience store.

Over 15, 000 individuals are directly and indirectly employed by Dutch Girl. With the systems distributing pass on across Vietnam that it is easily bring its products to consumers. ” Dutch Lady provides a team of counselors and nutritionists are always happy to solution customer inquiries about the nutritional and products of Dutch Woman that is clear of Monday to Friday weekly. Through that will create the trust and intimate human relationships between company and consumers. ” The company of r and d of new products.

We have promoting team and marketing sales with excessive experience in analyzing and determining tastes and intake trends with nearly two, 000 salespeople. ” Panel of Company directors of the organization has very good management capability. We have écuries of knowledgeable and high sense of responsibility. 2 . Weaknesses Domestic raw material milk avoid stable, the breeding milk cow is still sparse as it isn’t focused livestock over a large scale. Next to, dairy cow which have difficulty bringing up, the incidence is definitely higher. For that reason it’s problems for buying the raw material milk.

” Due to collection milk is usually scattered, not really concentrated therefore quality of raw materials remains difficulty to controling. ” Packaging of Dutch Lady fresh dairy not really outstanding, not varied to attract customers to select items. Especially the style of fresh milk products isn’t towards the main client segment can be children that they can like the picture nature energetic, fun and colourful. 3. Opportunities ” Currently, the Japanese society is usually rapidly growing, the standard of living of Vietnamese substantially improve within recent years. Thus, they care about their overall health than ever before and happying to pay more expensive for life.

” Dutch Female can use the system’s comprehensive distribution stations to build brand, using the important role of distributors to send images of Dutch Lady. Distributors including an legate for Dutch Lady may encourage buyers to switch to brand of Nederlander Lady. ” The development of good communication programs such as digital television, internet will create favorable conditions to enhance development company. ” Vietnam is examined economic growth in Southeast Asia. ” Vietnam contains a tropical local climate appropriate flower dairy meals are as turf, corn bran, rice ¦

breeding dairy herd and develop organic material areas. State provides policies pertaining to expanding milk herds in the area, funding support, technical support for making more household materials of milk are certainly not heavily influenced by imports. 4. Threats ” Currently, Home material dairy only meet up with 30% from the total household demand leftover material is imported coming from abroad to ensure that prices of imported raw materials tends to boost. ” Milk industry is attractive because of rates of development is larger, more development potential. Therefore there are many companies involved in this industry, one among rivals in the Lady Dutch was Vinamik.

” The domestic milk manufacturers are pressured with increasing competition by the taxes reduction to get imported dairy under the policy of contract price reduction once Vietnam put into action to make the agreement preferential contract price joint power in the Free of charge Trade Place (ASEAN dedication CEPT / AFTA and commitment towards the World Control Organization ” WTO). ” Currently available appear even more drinks and products immediately competing with milk happen to be as cereal, tea, caffeine, soft drinks. The new milk will probably be risked from these beverages. ” The appearance and the strong competition from the new company in the milk market.

Because of the presence of many brands in the Vietnam’s dairy market, clients have more choices and troubles in purchasing decision-making than in the past. There are still a certain number of clients who very easily switch brands. In this case, dairy brands encapsulated by a stunning incentives/ campaign activities are usually preferred and also the seller’s suggestion on substitute brands may be prioritized. The decision-making of shoppers is significantly influenced by distributor’s advice. ” The tighter control over government within the price of dairy products.

To conclude, the strong points and some weakness and oppoturnities and dangers of Clean Milk Products of Dutch Lady are described as under: |Strengths |Weakness | |Famous Brand |Raw material of milk certainly not self-control | |Using modern technology to make quality products. |Product design have not yet centered on variety of consumer is children. | |Having the division system through the entire country Vietnam. |Not obtaining the advertising programs of new milk products had been directed | |Having a team pertaining to research and new product expansion. |toward kids. | |Having care and counseling service.

|Fresh milk products weren’t met by age development per segment of | |The Board of Director is qualified and experienced. |children. | |Oppoturnities |Threats | |Increasing income |Increasing cost of brought in raw materials | |The Express has cover preventing malnutrition in kids |Competition numerous domestic dairy company | |High rate of fresh population |Influence of the intercontinental economic the usage (WTO) | |Vietnam often growth large economic |Appearance of many replace goods | |The State has developed policies to increase the dairy products.

|Appearance of recent competitor | |With good thing about distribution stations for manufacturer development |Changing psychological | IV. Objectives 1 . Total sales of fresh milk is going to reach 135, 1000 tons in 2012. Increased 18% over 2011. 2 . Total revenue will probably reach 148 million and profit ahead of tax will reach UNITED STATES DOLLAR 15 million in 2012. Approach 1: Item Stratagy (The strategy centered target is children) ” We will produce mix up the fresh dairy food for expanding of each developement age section of children simply by three of age segment will be as follow: o New milk products combine many tastes for concentrate on customers by age 1-3.

o Fresh milk products combine many tastes for target customers coming from age 3-6. o Clean milk products combine many tastes for focus on customers by age 6-14 ” The labels design give attention to customers happen to be children. Approach 2: Price Statagies (Competitive pricing) ” Price is lower than competitor by simply by the program saving expense. ” We give incentives to distributors by using a discount price. Strategy a few: Promosion Stratagy (Advertaiment, promosion and general public realation) ” To enhance recognition about nutrition from milk. ” We will make online video advertising dairy toward children, advertising within the media, TV SET, newspapers.

” The company’s actions associated with cultural are because nutrient source, improve college facilities, make opportunities for education to get the poor kids of learning V. Marketing Strategies 1 . Mission Vision of Dutch Female is “Improving life Mission: Dutch Woman Vietnam has a mission to formulate, manufacture and trading the high quality milk products, present high diet for your health. Vietnamese slogan is usually “Co rond Ha Local area network ” s? n did m? to s? c s? ng 2 . Segmentation We have segmented the market on characteristics of folks are while follow: Market Age: from 1 to 14 years Interpersonal Class: Middle class.

Psychographics Activities: Health-related, education, convenience VI. Action Programs 1 ) Product Stratagy Products that individuals develop a winning product line of fresh milk for children. All of us improve the merchandise through: ” Flavor ” The vitamins and minerals include the subsequent substances: + Choline is known as a nutrient important for the formation and development of memory space and learning ability of children. + Increasingly more scientific studies credit reporting the part of choline for intellectual development and intelligence from the child and recommended Choline supplementation in the diet.

+ Taurine is a great amino acid necessary to form the nervous system, develop and improve retinal function. +Taurine is also essential nutrients to help composition and visible function of youngsters develop and mature. & Along with Choline, Taurine helps the transmission info between human brain cells together and with other organs of the body allows the brain conduct better role in the order center “smart.

+Calcium can be described as nutrient vital to leading children can easily grow in level. Dairy Calcium is characterized most quickly absorbed than calcium consist of foods. There are numerous foods give calcium, yet milk is known as a food and provides the most absorbable calcium than whole.

Nederlander Lady Refreshing Milk & enhanced levels of calcium to help children develop the maximum level. + Healthy proteins is very important nutrients to help kids develop and grow. Designer whey protein has very high nutritional quality. Assessing quality in all of the kinds of necessary protein foods, high-quality milk protein than beef and fish protein. Having a high quality designer whey protein, dairy, Dutch Woman Fresh Dairy + assists your body healthy and balanced children, develop and grow better. & Vitamin B2Giup children absorb and metabolize nutrients better ensure that newborns are full of energy and fun learning. Top quality The company provides invested in new milk production over USD 50 milion.

The modern tools integrated software or semi-automatically, to meet the needs of top quality and food safety and international criteria. Design Building up innovative graphic, impoving design and style packaging intended for brand with each specific product follow 3 age sectors who are children beneath 14 years older. Brand Name Making use of the name “Dutch Lady for all the products to provide a unique identity in the market. Support Established support center to get healthcare with counselors and nutrition professionals of Nederlander Lady are always happy to response all consumer questions about nutritional demands and dairy food of Nederlander Lady.

2 . Price Statagies Company released to the minimizing energy plan with the motto of constantly enhancing the perception of energy conserving, environmental safeguard for all personnel, actively propagate and apply specific applications reduce energ. This has lowered production costs and products price. Nederlander Lady recieve more than thirty percent market share of fresh milk in Vietnam, a year in sales of Dutch Woman doubled. In addition to a large market share and provide goods to market quickly so we are able to increase sales by offering affordable prices to attract buyers.

Currently, the cost of domestic milk prices dependent on foreign causes of raw materials, much more than 70% of raw materials imported from overseas, the country imported mainly by New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia ¦ With hundreds of years of experience in the dairy sector from the Holland, since 1996, FrieslandCampina Vietnam offers implemented courses to develop the dairy sector. From early in 2010, FrieslandCampina Vietnam has become implementing risk management systems pertaining to quality to be able to complete the complete system in order that the quality from the company via beginning to end stages.

That’s a competitive benefit that we have the direct new milk with high quality devoid of intermediate added cost. Prices list |Product Name |Unit |Price (VND) | |Fresh milk (Sugar, non sweets, strawberry, |180 ml |4900 | |chocolate) | | | | |110 milliliters |3300 | | |1 L |21800 | We have over 150 distributors country wide and we provide reasonable offers fordistributors through clear insurance plan support and practical. The company has providedadvanced management software allows efficiently manage distribution of products and the procedure of stores.

Policy will certainly apply the discount raises with revenue to suppliers. 3. Promosion Stratagy Each of our advertising and promotion strategies is based on three phases We all will use doctors in our advertising, these doctors will concentrate on needing of the nutritional of milk and milk offers always played out an important portion in our diet plan so after that will bring in and advise using Refreshing Milk of Dutch Girl. We is likely to make video advertising milk toward children, marketing on the mass media, TV, papers. Packaging for youngsters focusing on flavors as well as creating associations with character simply by each grow older segmentation.

The company’s activities associated with social will be as chemical supply, increase school services, create chances for education for poor people children of learning. Some programs happen to be as “Special Study firefly light provides awarded more than 20 thousands of scholarships, structure 7 school, creating circumstances for poor children in remote areas difficult to still the school. Supplying gift promotional items are while clothing, bookbag with dairy when keep promotion agencies such as the children days. Presentation for children from age 1-3 [pic] Presentation for children from age 3-6.

[pic] Product packaging for children by age 6-14 [pic] |No |Content |Cost (USD) | |1 |1 ” Conversation |3, 890, 232 | | |TV chanel |3, 348, 837 | | |Radio |100, 465 | | |Print adverstising |167, 442 | | |Poster |33, 488 | | |Internet |240, 000 | |2 |2 ” Advertising |4, 107, 875 | | |Customer Even |130, 000 | | |Gifts |440, 1000 | | |Loyaty |550, 000 | | |Coupons |506, 500 | | |Happy Beginning of the year |309, 375 | | |Children Time |220, 000 | | |Vietnam Family Day |412, 500 | | |Back to school |605, 000 | | |Vietnam Woman Day time |330, 000 | | |Vietnam Instructor Day |275, 000 | | |Christmas Season |330, 000

VII. Projected Earnings & Reduction Statement ( 2012 “2015) | |2012 |2013 |2014 |2015 | Total | | Total market size | MT | 593, 000 | 652, 300 | 717, 530 | 789, 283 | 2, 752, 113 | |(dairy) | | | | | | | | Market scale fresh | MT | 355, 800 | 404, 426 | 466, 395 | 528, 820 | 1, 755, 440 | |milk | | | | | | | | Market share | % |38% |40% |42% |45% | | | Low profit | | 44, 617, 320 | 50, 842, 126 | 54.99, 632, 451 | 67, 836, 918 |221, 928, 815 | |A&P | |10. many of these |11. 12% |11. 46% |12. 03% | | |Distribution | |4. 00% |4. 12% |4. 24% |4. 46% | | |Logistic | |0. 50 percent |0. 52% |0.

53% |0. 56% | | |Maintenance | |0. twenty percent |0. 21% |0. 21% |0. 22% | | P/L | | 15, 616, 062 | sixteen, 803, 323 | 18, 200, 392 | 18, 718, 631 | 69, 338, 408ps | | [pic] VIII. Control 1 ) Control and sales examination Analysis of sales involves the analysis of real sales in contrast to sales goals. Sales examination will inform us that our technique in the correct or not? If sales drop down, all of us will examine how much amount reducetion? What area decrease? after that we all try to correct and improve strategy. installment payments on your Exploration of client Organization of customer online surveys with samples selected.

Requesting to customers evaluate the friendly spirit of the company’s workers, service top quality, satisfaction pertaining to product, pleasure with the brand image. Observing complaints by customers as a result of the more thorough grasp of customer reactions to products and this is the basis to modify, boost and boost the production of existing products. 3. Target assessment (extent of completion) 4. Improve strategy (if ineffective).

Incresing the consciousness, educatin the consumers featuring information about crucial of nutrition having coming from fresh dairy. Drirect Promoting combined advertising Increase Utilization, We will even target youngsters. Focusing on distinct flavors, chocolates, strawberry for each and every age part. We will certainly launch a campaign in junior educational institutions and provide several gift provides. Public relations All of us will hold enjoy different events like Kids days.


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