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As you may possess recently observed, lately we all received information from the company headquarters that it would be ideal of the entire company to pay more attention to matters of preventing mishaps and any other safety-related steps that affect the workplace, including both business office and field activities linked to all types of careers that we total. Every single employee in every single office at every branch needs to be mindful on this factor so that he/she is most effective and effecient in the daily performance of his/her everyday tasks that relate to their job tasks so that basic safety is always of paramount matter.

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With this goal of safety at any time present in our minds, I think the bottom line of the emphasis on protection could be regarded as the training that each of us obtains in his or her first first weeks on the job as well as the teaching provided on a regular basis throughout every year of our job with M-Global, so that were always aware of how to function in a safe manner. The training video provides the company the mechanism to supply each of you with the means to become aware of the aspects of safety that relate to the particular needs and requirements of your personal particular task.

Therefore , at this point in time I have come towards the conclusion at the same time of considering the relevance of the fresh corporate focus on safety to our particular department that we want, as a part, to give much larger scrutiny and analysis towards the way we can prevent mishaps and stress the concern of safety each and every stage of your operation for every employee. Toward the end I have asked the education coordinator Kendra Jones to put together a drafted training program that will involve every single employee and that can be applied beginning simply no later than June of the year.

If the plan have been written and approved on the various levels within the business office, I will perform a meeting collectively department to be able to emphasize the and minimal components of this kind of upcoming security program. It really is my great pleasure to announce to any or all of you that effective in the next month (February) I will give a monthly safety merit of hundred buck to the person branch staff at any level from the branch who comes up with the best, best suggestion associated with safety in different part of the department activities. Today I will take those action of placing a advice box around the wall in the lunchroom to ensure that all of you will have an easy way to place suggestions for security into the pipe and to be looked at.

As an attachment to the memo you are now examining from me personally, I have gave you a copy with the form that you’re to use in producing any recommendations that are after that to be put into the suggestion box. On the last business day of each month, the box will probably be emptied with the completed varieties for that month, and before the end with the following week a winner will be selected simply by me intended for the previous month suggestion program, and a great announcement will probably be placed simply by me within the bulletin table in the firm workroom. When you have any queries in regard to the organization safety software as it influences our department or regarding the suggestion program that is being integrated here at the Denver workplace at M-Global, please will not hesitate to generate your comments known possibly in comunicacion form or perhaps by way of cell phone response to this kind of memorandum.

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