The american dream of migrants

American Dream, Going to America

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The American Dream is known as a belief that many Americans and migrants in america reach for. It is believed that everyone should be able to live in comfortableness success, it also includes the upward motion in the society’s social status. This fantasy can be gained through challenging labor and endure the obstacles, such as job possibilities and start fresh in an not familiar land, that may make this laborious to achieve. But irrespective of social class or the conditions of delivery, everyone is given birth to equal so everyone has the right to an equal chance to reach their own American Desire.

People have their own definition of success, therefore each and everyone has their own view of what living the American Dream looks and is like. For example , in the novel Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, the main protagonists’, named George and Lennie, version from the American Desire is owning and surviving in a farmville farm, and also tending rabbits. This kind of view may possibly still be relevant for certain persons, but , in the current state on the planet, people have be a little more ambitious and dream without considering how they are likely to achieve that. This makes the American Dream more of a fantasy rather than a great achievable aim.

The over-ambitious pondering is not really the only aspect that makes the dream more of a myth specifically for the migrant workers from other countries, nevertheless there are also elements such as racial and attitude, etc ., must also be measured in because of the present misjudgment the culture have for certain types of people. Race or ethnicity is among the things which make it difficult or impossible for any person to accomplish this dream. It is because certain stereotypes have been noticeable for certain categories of people, which affects the judgment in the public to those specific groups. For example , Asians have stereotype that every one of them are smart and that spots a higher expectation on them than the others, which puts them under a lot of pressure from the community. This triggers them to fall under anxiety and depression, shedding hope in attaining the dream. As we all know, several companies would like a specific pair of people, that gives others fewer opportunities, this kind of hinders all of them into getting their American dream.

Another component that should account for is the frame of mind of the person towards appointment the target. It all depends upon what person and just how he/she reacts towards the obstacles to living successfully. But , today a growing number of migrants get into depression causing them to lose hope to fulfill all their dream. Due to the fact all the frustrations, rejections, and unfair possibilities these experienced migrants confront in the money-making world, in which they are more unlikely to be chosen for a job even though they are really more competent for the position because of their racial and the vocabulary barrier. This is certainly another element why the American Fantasy can be considered a myth for most people.

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