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Ask West’s The Village can be described as book regarding the life of a small unit level squad of Marines during the Vietnam War. Effectively and meticulously portrayed the book addresses over 17 months with the struggles the Combined Hands Platoon (CAP’s) of Marines had with the PF’s (Popular Forces) and villagers. Upon June twelve, 1966 12 Marines acquired volunteered in this assignment to live among six-thousand Vietnamese in the Village of Binh Nghia, thinking it could serve as a rest from the battle itself, it absolutely was not the actual had expected.

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For the first week or so was pretty quiet, throughout the day the Marine corps worked with the PF’S and villagers beefing up the village. No technology or modern defensive techniques were used on fortifying, just like West declared it could have been completely fortified similar to the way a century before. At night the Marines would go on patrols, using the PF’s as level men, this is when they would regularly come into contact with the VC (Viet Cong.

) By september the Marines had engaged in seventy firefights.

The majority of them occurring at night through the patrol just lasting a few seconds. The book emphasizes about how two differing people overcome the levels of tension that come with living together intended for long period of time. The tactical, cultural and social level they experience in a fight environment. How the Marines skilled the PF’s and local authorities and vise-versa. It tells a lot of the scenarios they had to see to keep stableness in Binh Nghia and secure the city. West was a member of the squad this individual describes so vividly through the entire book yet doesn’t insert himself an excessive amount of in the story. He merely describes what happens in wonderful detail specifically during patrols. The depth he uses makes for a powerful connection between the reader plus the characters so that it is that much more tragic when they die in the book.

He does a great job describing how the Marines done their daily joint patrols with the PF’s and how every single learned from a single another. If the Marines first got presently there the PF’s couldn’t shoot worth a damn nonetheless they were good at spotting VC at night. In October of 1967 it was 2 . 5 months devoid of firefights or even any sign of VC. The training the PF’s received through the Marines eventually allowed them to be able to keep the small town safe automatically. The Marine corps were not needed anymore. Only seven of the first fifteen were left.

The Marines tried to win the hearts and minds in the local villagers and prevailed. This jogged my memory a lot of whatwe would in Iraq and are carrying out in Afghanista. Working with the people trying to keep them safe and teach them, establish a democracy. The book portrays the sacrifice and brotherhood that is shaped amongst the persons in a time of war. The things i liked one of the most was the method Bing Western wrote the book and told the storyline in a non-biased stance. Definitely not giving most of his opinion on the matter but giving it up towards the reader to choose right from incorrect. In conclusion I would personally definitely recommend this book.


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