The controversy growing surrounding the american

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The American Flag as well as Growing Controversy

Step 1 : Particulars

The American banner, to many, is the symbol of life and liberty. Flexibility from oppression and the capacity to run types own lifestyle with little government involvement is what the country battled for all those years ago. The day after the SpanishAmerican Battle was declared, schools mandated the praise of the banner (Kaminer). Therefore , when the concern of burning our great flag arises, everybody should be against it, correct? Well, certainly not exactly. The first variation of the Metabolism states that American citizens have right to express themselves through free of charge speech. Essentially, burning the American flag is talk without conversation. Therefore , based on the Constitution, banner desecration is definitely legal. Nevertheless , flag protectionists are not going to quit that easy.

The main controversy surrounding this matter is whether an amendment preventing flag using would infringe on the first amendment rights. In 1989, the Supreme Court docket ruled that flag desecration was guarded under each of our first variation rights. In 1995, a constitutional variation that would have given Congress the power to ban flag desecration was introduced to the Senate plus the House of Representatives (Kaminer). The variation passed through the property but failed in the United states senate by a pure three ballots. In Feb 1997, an identical amendment was again introduced to the United states senate.

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Of Representatives (Kaminer). It also failed, but it truly does show the growing concern regarding the issue of flag burning.

Protectors of the flag believe burning an American flag is much like spitting in the face of America and its particular democracy. Alternatively, flag burners argue that underneath Americas democracy, they were offered the right to express themselves freely. Naturally, this issue may well never end up being settled with a positive result.

A lot of arguments that flag burners have increased in their individual defense incorporate such things as possessing a flag fender sticker on the car. They believe that in the event that they cannot lose a banner because it is deemed desecration, after that an old, washed out bumper tag should be considered desecration as well (Apel). This introduces a valid stage. Who determines where the line should be attracted between desecration and patriotism?

Step 2: Requirements, Ideals, and Consequences

As this matter continues to be brought up in our govt, the obligations for everyone engaged will keep rising. Congress gets the most important requirement of all. They are not only obligated to fix the issue, but they are also required to American citizens in a way that should be unbiased. On the other hand, residents are also obliged to understand and respect the governments decision. Not everyone is gonna be completely happy no matter what decision is made, thus we as being a society happen to be obligated to respect every others landscapes and probe.

Ideals play an essential role in the issue of flag desecration. Ideals act as the basis for actions. Certainly, social responsibility is an ideal that must surface for the issue can be dealing with the Constitution.

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Constitution making desecration in the flag unlawful, the public needs to be ready to manage it, and follow it. Each of our government, however , needs to practice the ideal of fairness and integrity the moment such an issue is brought up. They need to pay attention to all sides and decide which intervention will help the greater very good of the country.

After this issue can be finally completed, it will be interesting to learn what consequences are adopted pertaining to flag burning up (considering it becomes illegal). It will likewise be interesting to find out in which the line can be drawn to get flag desecration. Who is aware of? I might end up being arrested for wearing my flag swimming trunks to the beach. Again, our federal government has to be able to back up all their decision, such as such outcomes as working with protestors.

Step 3: Possible Methods of Action

Coming to a decision about this issue will take time. There will be a group, or perhaps groups that could feel like they have been cheated. However, they need to recognize that the government is taking the actual feel is a good possible study course for banner desecration.

One likelihood is the passageway of particular legislation that may consider most flag desecration illegal. In the event that truly does occur, various changes will have to take place. Banner burning web sites such as the ones that I used for this newspaper would be eradicated. The government may have the responsibility of drawing a line for the issue. They might have to evaluate if they are going to ban just flag burning, or include less violent functions of desecration, such as a flag napkin. Individuals are just a some of the possibilities that may occur in the near future, depending on what judgment is made.

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Another possibility should be to leave points as they are. People will even now lobby for a ban about flag burning up, but the authorities would not have to draw lines around the concern. Again, the government needs to be good and show sincerity with the decision.

One third course of action could be a ban about flag burning for the purpose of protest against America. This would even now make flag burning legal, but not being a malicious act towards the nation. So , the people who burn off flags as a way of getting rid of them because they are old and tattered could still be guarded under the initially amendment. This system of action would allow all other forms of desecration to be legal. Things such as going swimming trunks, neckties, napkins, bumper stickers, ect. would continue being legal. Whatever comes of this issue, the social responsibility needs to be the primary ideal that becomes known.

Step 4: One of the most Ethical Intervention

I believe that the most ethical course of action will be a ban in flag losing as a harmful act towards America. This way, the people who also deserve consequence for desecrating the flag would be reprimanded, and the individuals that believe using a flag is shielded in their initially amendment rights could burn off a flag.

This kind of decision is the most ethical because it is fair to American citizens, it shows the integrity of the government, and it is the only intervention that satisfies both sides at the center. I strongly believe that each of our government would agree with my decision. It will not only stop the struggling with that takes place over this issue, but it could also make people feel like they will got want they wished. If a Vietnam veteran desires to burn his old banner that has been hanging outside his house for many years as ways of disposal, who may be in a position to question his action? He has obviously offered our nation in the most honorable way, and if using a flag seems to be a patriotic way to get rid of it intended for him, then I back that a person hundred percent. I do believe Americans against flag using should consider these types of facts prior to they opt to ban this indefinitely. In my opinion that the Great Court was fair in deciding that burning a flag is protected beneath our initially amendment legal rights because it shows how great a democracy America really is. In the event the government starts taking away some rights, who will be to say that they will not take apart others. That is another simple fact Americans need to take to cardiovascular system before they will decide which course of action is right or wrong, ethical or immoral.

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