The Influence of English on My Writing Skills Essay

My spouse and i started learning English when I was 10. I found learning language very enjoyable, useful and, funny. In a very short time period I actually learned of talking English quite good and I was able to appreciate American movies without subtitles. As time was passing, my English was gradually bettering and after year or two I was capable of speak that fluently.

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When it comes to writing, however , I was attempting from the beginning. Even though I possibly could speak English fluently, I never was actually able to print out my ideas on piece of paper. Once i was in high school graduation, the The english language teacher thought that all level of my English was among the maximum in a course. However , she would never appreciate my poor performance on written jobs.

She was very shocked that I can easily speak British so well, but still perform poor on essays. In the beginning, the professor although it is thanks my poor writing skills in general. However on the other side, my essay levels in Bosnian very excellent, and Bosnian teacher would speak in superlatives about me.

Thus one day, Ana, the The english language teacher gave me a very interesting task. She first explained to write a great essay in Bosnian, after which to use a same topic, and write that in English language. I did so , and difference was significant.

The Bosnian essay was excellent, and essay drafted in British not even close as good. We finally found out what was the problem. Even though, I was speaking English well, the most of the words That i knew of came from several movies and TV shows.

The English I was using was mostly created from slang words and phrases an conditions. It was extremely good for convenient conversation, but is not that good pertaining to writing. This is a problem that we never totally solved. Despite my composing skills had been improving constantly, my The english language essays were never great and far far from those created in Bosnian.

When it comes to writing the language buffer was impossible. The great suggestions and thoughts were often coming to my thoughts, but I was never really in a position to write them down in English. Yet , I think that I was not the only person with this problem. I think that there are many children, especially in non-English speaking countries, which have same problems with beating language obstacle. They all likely have great imagination and great ideas but simply cannot express these people on document.

Overcoming this language barrier was very tough task for me, and i also have not finished it yet. Never fewer, I will maintain trying and practicing right up until my The english language becomes as nice as my Bosnian. I would highly encourage other internationals, with same trouble, to keep seeking and never stop.

Because, one day, when we publish an English essay and our teacher are not able to tell that it’s written by an international; Let me know that we made it!

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