The kashmir conflict dissertation

The Kashmir Discordis the local disagreement among Pakistan and India relating to Kashmir Arealocated for the north of both countries. Historically, this kind of region was ruled simply by hereditary Muslim monarchs. In 1947, when ever British domination of Indian territories was over, according to the Partition Plan Kashmircould possibly be annexed both to Pakistan or to India. In these times Kashmirwas reigned over by the Maharaja Hari Singh, who had been a Prince of American indian origin. Inspite of the presence of numerous Muslim societies and groups in Kashmir Valley, the Maharajadecided to become a member of the region to India.

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However, shortly neighboring Pakistan started requiring Kashmirto turn into a part of its territories. Pakistan authorities contended that the ruler ofKashmirwas underneath huge pressure of India and was forced to make Kashmira part of India without the national referendum or requesting people’s opinion.

According to India’s perspective, Pakistan initiated an economic blockade of Kashmiras well as politics pressure for the Maharajato accede Kashmirto its western neighbors.

This conflict triggered several armed forces attacks inside the 1940s, until the UN pressured India and Pakistan to cease fire and set up so called the queue of Control, separating Kashmirintended for Pakistani-controlled and Indian-controlled parts. Unfortunately, throughout the second half of the twentieth 100 years sporadic military clashes and assaults continuing.

Currently, Kashmirremains one of the volatile and dangerous regions in the world, mainly because now the two India and Pakistan are nuclear power and any kind of serious tensions around Kashmircan turn in a nuclear issue. That is why in the end of the 20th century the issues around this location became an area of serious global concern. Armed service activities by both sides extended in Kashmirtill 2002, when the talks between the two of these countries to cease fireplace completely ended successfully and military soldiers were withdrawn. Nevertheless, infrequent acts of violence and shootings (mainly organized simply by Islamic militants) are still reported from Kashmir(CNN, 2006).


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