The main impacts of latina american viewpoint

Latin America

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In explaining what Latin American Philosophy is usually, and the issues that still refer to it today, comes the history that made it what it is. The oppression and disadvantages Latin America was put through simply by European declares continuing to the United States later on, and the effect it had but still has on not merely Latin America, but the viewpoint in which it can be based upon. Issues among Latina America and Philosophy refer to personal issues and debates as well as social concerns within Latina America. A massive issue talked about throughout the philosophical view of Latin America is the beginnings in which this philosophy relies. Many different types of viewpoint are reviewed throughout, but many times questioned as they are based on European ties. This brings up the issue of authenticity of Latina American Viewpoint.

As stated before, the history of Latin America is a sloppy topic. Through the entire course we have seen the oppression Latina America confronted which continue to impacts that today. In Open Problematic veins we become aware of the World Systems Theory which in turn Galeono, and saw good impact that Latin America had upon western cultures. This effects was caused by the robbing and advancing off of the items of Latin America including coffee and oil (Lecture Notes). Further advancing the society in the western world unto America, while keeping Latin America as the land of all their creation and hard work. The use of persons in Latin American contemporary society, along with the goods they produced, further advanced capitalist countries, while keeping the hardworking Latina American contemporary society at a standstill.

Because Latin America had been seen as a lesser world and Traditional western civilizations seemed more advance (of training course advancing from the work of Latin People in america and their goods) comes one particular important a significant discussing Latin American Viewpoint. As their philosophy came about, comes the question of exactly where it came from. Because discussed previous, it had a fantastic influence by the European contemporary society, overall asking the genuineness and inspiration of their philosophy, taken by the people who in the beginning oppressed this unique society. Between an early thinker who talked about important theories and concerns in Latin America was Bartolome Para Las Viviendas. It is important to notice here, this philosopher was really taught in Europe.

Although raised and influenced by European Beliefs, Bartolome in fact raised important social issues (a subject seen during Latin American Philosophy) of Human Rights, specifically in terms of the Native Americans during early times. During this early Impérialiste time, this topic is very important as Bartolome defends the Native Americans through which many at the time consider a different species than human due to their lifestyle. It is crucial in this early on time as it outlines an issue seen during Latin American Philosophy from the treatment as well as the labels of individuals impacting the rights they may have and the your life the live.

Social concerns coincide with political problems in Bartolome’s theory and piece named In the Security of the Indians. As and so early in Latin American philosophy, this is very important in the development, as well as setting out current and past concerns. Issues of treatment of individuals based from different standards of living such as the Indians during this time. Bartolome sees and relates to the various lifestyle the Indians include, appreciating and viewing their various lifestyle, not viewing these people as inhumane and looked at by a lot of as “natural slaves”, “Certainly no such men one of them has the skill needed for authorities, nor is there among them speed of head or correctness of thinking. As a result, they cannot want to decide on a ruler for themselves who bind them under virtue of politics rule” (Bartolome, 38). Bartolome sees the difference, sees the liberty in which they will relay their society, and in turn of critiquing it, attempts to understand that. This is important in discussing long term philosophies and social problems that arise after that Colonial time.

As a society built off from European influence, a contemporary society of many distinct races and ethnicities, came up racism. The whiter a single was, the better. That they viewed more dark skinned people as reduced to those who had been lighter. This kind of came from the influence of Europe and the power through which Europe often maintained, even more causing sociable and personal issues among the Latin American society, and confusion in identity among all included. During this period Latin America had just experienced liberation. One advance, two steps back. As they were finally free, their very own nation was socially divided due to the racism they experienced. As a world very much needing the lifestyle reflecting the Western Nation, they’d taken Positivism as their method to progress further more towards that goal.

Even though during this time came about racial concerns, came a Positivist thinker which I believe progressed the further underdeveloped nation, Sarmiento. Sarmiento during this time of racism and segregation, took away what I believe is one of the best affects he might get from american civilization, which has been education among all. This would further more lead Latin America to a more produced and primary society. The theory and significance of education for all individuals coming from the democratic idea taken from the us. This would also further the influence of democracy and importance of a strong political program for Latina America.

As Latin America strived for being more and more just like western civilization, one thinker made a fantastic theory and impact on Latina Philosophy. One issue which I had discussed as the main issue of Latin America and its beliefs was the authenticity which this held. Really influence of western cultures became a reflection and requirement of this type of society, rather than enjoying its own exclusive society. During this time the thinker Rodo theorizes solutions towards this recurring issue. He discusses the difficulties of materialism and make use of the viewpoint of utilitarianism, as created from Europe and America, in order to excel, rather than what this individual believes could excel area, being spiritualism. Rodo is right in the fact that Latin America looks to try to further advancement through use of material products and prosperity as a look of world and a thriving culture. Within this, that we agree with Rodo, comes the possible lack of authenticity of Latin Many original roots and desired goals, in which Spiritual values were more important. This outlines an essential line through which Latin American societies strived so hard to be like european civilizations, that they can undermined their roots and own individuality in order to accomplish what western civilizations worked for which was wealth and power.

In terms of Latina American philosophy, and if it even exists, that may be questionable of most still. As seen, due to historical events making Latina America a great underdeveloped society compared to the ones from western world, it has had it’s problems in terms of philosophy. Due to these types of historical incidents and the oppression that this contemporary society was brought upon, Latina America was greatly inspired by Western philosophy, possibly maintaining European roots with regards to Philosophers themselves. This furthered the affect of european civilization in addition to the importance of capitalism. As time went on, as well as the influence grew greater, thus did issues in which european civilizations experienced as well such as racism. The necessity and wish to become lighter, thinking that somehow segregating these individuals would make the world grow. It has always been known as an issue in Latin American philosophy as we had discussed the issue of how a indigenous individuals were treated, the void of human privileges. Among this matter came as well the issue of national politics as Latina American culture grew.

If there is any kind of unique Latin American Philosophy, it would be what we learned, the Idea of Liberation. This idea overall is attempting to achieve what they had always wrongly strived for in influence of western cultures, freedom. So blindly Latina American world had started up each other, prove indigenous beginnings, in strive for a more materialistic and civil society just like Europe as well as the United States, it had lost all their individuality on the way. Turning to each other and the own beginnings to achieve the actual thought could bring them even more, being prosperity and power. The beliefs of Freedom allowed for some of their exceptional society with no need for financial and politics power, only overall flexibility within the Latin American contemporary society.

Mentioned previously in the beginning, Latina America encountered difficulties from the beginning of time. While Europe got taken good thing about their labor and products to further themselves economically, oppression faced Latina America overall. This further influenced their idea and life-style as a whole. Their need and the wish to be a lot more like western civilizations, as that is what they noticed as good. They strayed from their indigenous roots as they strived for this society, pursuing the philosophical influences along the way. Politics and interpersonal issues and differences between Latin American society arose during these occasions. Though in a few manners they progressed as a result of western impact, such as need for education and political purchase, they also regressed in terms of racism and individuality. Overall, Latin America plus the philosophy of Latin America is all mirrored off of European countries and the United States, whether it be their success or their failure, Latin America was but still is a mix of individuals in a society significantly impacted and influenced by western cultures, straying and in many cases becoming disgraced by their roots and indigenous past.

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