The next day when the battle began storyline

Ellie goes out camping in the rose bush for a week with her friends Homer, Lee, Kevin, Corrie, Robyn, and Fiona. Later on, that they find Philip, one of their school close friends. They discover a way into a large, vegetated sinkhole in a remote control area of rose bush the local people have dubbed “Hell, and camp right now there for the week. During this period they see large numbers of airplanes flying during the night without signals, and though it really is mentioned in conversation this morning, they think little of computer.

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When they go back home that they find that every one of the people are missing and their house animals and animals are deceased or declining. They come to comprehend that Sydney has been occupied and their family have been considered prisoner.

Steering clear of capture simply by enemy military, the group returns to Hell and after short period of recovery begin making plans to fight back. Throughout the initial three ebooks in the series, the group succeeds in destroying a bridge that leads into Wirrawee, an opponent convoy; a lot of houses that are to be used by the enemy being a center of operations and a nearby strategic harbor.

The surviving members of the group will be eventually captured and put in a maximum security prison. During an air-raid by the Royal New Zealand Air Force the group escapes, nevertheless loses another member whilst doing so. They encounter a downed RNZAF pilot and arrange being evacuated to New Zealand.

Book four, Darkness, Become My Friend, happens several months later on. The group is trying to have a normal life in Fresh Zealand to refugees, but are haunted by their memories from the war (which is still ongoing). They are acknowledged by the Fresh Zealand Defense Force, who will be seeking Aussie guerrillas to act as tutorials for saboteur units that are to be dropped in occupied Aussie territory. The group earnings to Wirrawee, their hometown, accompanied by a platoon of New Zealand troops.

The New Zealanders proceed missing while on a objective to ruin Wirrawee Airfield (which will be used as being a major army airbase). Exclusively behind enemy lines once again the group decided to attack the Airfield themselves. They will fail and return, stressed out, to Hell. Soon after, through sheer fortune, the group find themselves correctly positioned to try another strike on the Airfield. This time they will succeed, and manage to damage a majority of aircraft on the airfield. After the harm, the group finds their way for the nearby associated with Stratton. In Stratton they will discover a group of atroz (and hostile) children, who’ve been living within the streets and hiding from enemy soldiers since the battle began


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